Acadoc Study Abroad Consultancy in for Upgrade


Acadsoc Press Release - February 23, 2013 At the end of January, while it was still the year of Dragon, Acadsoc attended the HKTDC’s Education and Careers Expo, attracting a lot of attention from attendees and giving Acadsoc some food for thought. After taking in suggestions from the public, Acadsoc has not only decided to maintain its current Study Abroad services, but also, in this year of Snake, to expand the services to include university entrance and masters entrance consultation, as well as to have a wider remit of schools and countries for you to choose from.

Acadoc Study Abroad Consultancy in for Upgrade


Talking about expositions, Acadsoc has a few more lined up this month: 9th-10th March in Beijing, 16th-17th March in Shanghai and finally 23rd-24th March in Guangzhou, all part of the China International Education Exhibition Tour 2013. If you would like you know more about Acadsoc’s Study Abroad services, you can visit their booth, where their staff will be more than happy to provide you with detailed consultancy. If you can’t make it, please go ahead and visit our brand new Study Abroad website at: 

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