Acadsoc Connects Thousands of Tutors and Students Worldwide, Offers 24/7, Individualized Online Sessions


NEW YORK, Aug. 1, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Founded in 2011, Acadsoc ( is now home to the most diverse tutoring network anywhere on the web, with tutors hailing from Ivy League and other top American universities. Tutoring is available in languages, core academic subjects and related skills. More than 3,000 tutors are registered on the platform; these tutors host 2,000-plus sessions each month and growing.

"We believe knowledge can change people's lives," remarked Anson Wong, co-founder of Acadsoc. "Our goal is to provide equal learning opportunity for all and thereby change the world."

The media has taken note of the platform's success. Acadsoc has recently been covered by CBS News, Fox News, NBC and ABC. Meanwhile, the company has earned accolades for its vision and dedication. recognized Acadsoc co-founder Chi Bun (Anson) Wong as a top professional in the online tutoring space for the week of July 13.

The Acadsoc platform connects the best educators around the world with students looking to maximize their academic potential or who simply need help with a difficult subject. To better assess learners' abilities and levels, the first online session is free. Prospective tutors post courses on the platform and provide relevant details, such as subject matter expertise, availability, experience and credentials; students then search these listings for a course that meets their needs.

When students select a course, they pre-pay in the form of Acadsoc credits, or AC. After each session, the student confirms completion and the Acadsoc credits are released to the tutor. Both tutors and students have the opportunity to leave feedback for each other.

Online tutoring sessions on Acadsoc are conducted via the user-friendly E-classroom. The E-classroom's many features and options are designed to enhance the interactive learning experience. Participants communicate through a chat window or by voice (mic and speakers required), while the whiteboard tool enables pictorial demonstrations. All sessions are recorded for later review.

Video learning has catapulted into the spotlight in recent years, and Acadsoc has kept pace with this trend. The platform hosts a wide selection of documentaries and other educational videos covering all major academic disciplines. Tutors can also create their own video lectures to share their unique expertise. On top of that, Acadsoc has developed a free math learning app, Math Ninja, for mobile and tablet devices, available to download at

Acadsoc provides more than a space for tutors and students to connect – the company also offers free consulting for anyone interested in study abroad. Acadsoc curates a list of higher learning institutions around the world that accept foreign students for programs in various disciplines.

In the near future, Acadsoc plans to roll out some intriguing new programs, all of which will support the platform's mission of becoming the largest, most comprehensive online learning society. The company has already begun an expansion into the China market, delivering English language instruction from highly credentialed native speakers.

About Acadsoc

Acadsoc ( is an advanced online education platform for languages, academic subjects as well as skills. Students and tutors can come together to learn and teach anytime and anywhere as needed.

We believe that knowledge can change people's lives, and by sharing it, we could provide equal learning opportunities for all and change the world we are living in. Because of that, we hold our mission as to offer everyone in the world the most reliable, affordable and efficient learning and teaching platform.

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