Acadsoc Formally Launched its Online Video Learning Service


After half year of hard work and preparation, Acadsoc Video Learning is now officially launched! 

Acadsoc has been inviting professionals in various fields to share with everyone their skills and knowledge. We help them create the video and the course. In our Video Learning platform, you can learn native English from a British tutor who speaks fluent Mandarin, card tricks from professional magicians and MBA courses from Doctorate professors. Others included secondary school General Studies courses, science experiments, Photoshop courses and more. With a broad scope of course offering, from academic subjects and languages to design and cultures designed for different educational level in various countries, it is easy to find a course of your interest. 

All videos on Acadsoc are free for everyone to watch so far. Students do not have to leave home or spend a penny while getting in touch with professional tutors. Yes, it is possible to obtain skills in any field at home! For tutors who are interested in sharing their knowledge through videos, Acadsoc can help fulfilling your aspiration. We can help you record and edit videos for your courses. Come join us, and we can together make use of the resources available on our platform! 

Start watching and learning now! Click: Acadsoc Video Learning

(Note: If you already have registered for an account at, you can directly use it to sign in the Video Learning platform. There's no need to register for a new account for

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