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Chan Hung, the founder of Principal Chan Free Tutorial World, used to be the principal of the QualiEd College since 2003. He was the youngest principal in Hong Kong at that time. Principal Chan loves teaching, and his easygoing personality wins him respect and esteem from students. However, after he worked as a principal, Chan began to realize the malpractice of schools and even the education system: After the education reform, teachers are busy engaging themselves in vocational studies and assessments, and therefore do not have time and spirits to care for every student; schools are afraid that students of low scores or bad manners will harm their recruitment, so that they drive such students out.

Questioned by these upset dropouts, Chan could do nothing for them as a principal. Feeling deeply sorry for such a situation, Principal Chan quit the job of principal, the salary of which reached 90,000 HKD per month, and was determined to practice education without class distinction. He then began to provide free tutorials for young people who have financial or learning difficulties and are expelled from the mainstream education system, so that they could have an equal opportunity in receiving education.

The Principal Chan Free Tutorial World is located in an old building in To Kwa Wan. The old facilities there either are donated by kind-hearted people or are throw-outs. Tutors are all volunteers who do not require any payment. Neither Principal Chan nor tutors have any incomes by providing free tutorials. They live a plain life and the Free Tutorial World is run under their enthusiasm for education.

Among the students coming to Principal Chan, there are new immigrants who cannot speak Chinese or English well, students experiencing learning difficulties, and dropouts at a young age. Most of them are from low-income families, and they fail to catch up with the pace of mainstream education or are even expelled from school. Nor can they afford high tutorial fees. Therefore, Principal Chan and his volunteer tutors provide them with one-to-one free tutorials, and the place for tutorial is not limited to the headquarter in To Kwa Wan. Principal Chan has set up his website to register hundreds of students and volunteer tutors in order to make one-to-one matches, but the outcome is not satisfying, because students are from various districts and cannot afford transportation expenses; meanwhile, there are not enough tutors and it is also difficult for tutors to go to where the students live to teach them.

Touched by Principal's selfless devotion, Acadsoc has decided to give him a hand enhancing the free tutorial project. Acadsoc, who has been promoting the idea and method of online tutoring, builds a free and non-public online tutoring system for Principal Chan's students and tutors for them to make full use of the resources on our website. In this way, students and tutors are able to have free online tutorials conveniently and securely without the bother of a long walk or high transportation fee. Only the computer, microphone and web camera are needed for both sides to communicate with each other. The flexible timetable system on Acadsoc enables them to arrange time slots for tutorials at their own convenience, and they can take advantage of the unique E-Classroom developed by Acadsoc. The E-Classroom is very easy to install and use. With functions such as "showing my screen", "whiteboard" and "File Transfer", tutorials in the E-Classroom can be just as the same as real classes offline. Students can take notes anytime and record the whole class for later reviews. As for the tutors, besides continuing to practice the free tutorial project, they may also list the courses they would like to teach on our Acadsoc online academic society, which would benefit more students throughout the world.

Acadsoc believes that education is without borders. We hope that via our online tutoring platform, learners in every corner of the globe could learn useful knowledge and tutors devoted to education could share their rich knowledge as well as experience to others. We are willing to help warmhearted people like Principal Chan by building online tutoring platforms for them. If you are also an enthusiastic educator who would like to provide tutorials for students in various regions, welcome to cooperate with us!

If you have such a will, please contact us:

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