Tutor Mission


Acadsoc Online Tutors' Mission is:

● To teach our students new skills to become confident, effective, independent students.

● To conduct yourself with a positive attitude, becoming a motivated leader in teaching.

● To build trust in the student so they can gain confidence.

● To patiently guide the student in building up his or her academic skills.

● To help open their creativity

Acadsoc Tutor's Mission

● To stimulate the student's desire to continuously strive to learn.

● To provide a well-rounded education so that students will be prepared to face the challenges of life.

● To challenge the student to go beyond his own perceived limitations.

● To ensure the individual academic and personal success of each of our students in a fun, relaxed environment.

● To always hold the student in the best light.

● To be go beyond our own pre-conceived notions of the student's talents and abilities.

● To be a great coach, a great listener and a great inspirer.

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