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A student who feels uncertain about his or her skills in mathematics may be a little hesitant about taking the math portion of the ACT. That's why many students sign up for ACT math practice. When a student receives assistance from an online tutor, he or she becomes familiar with the structure of the test. In short, the student knows what to expect from this section of the test. Not surprisingly, after taking a practice test, a student starts to gain more confidence in his or her skills. Look at some other reasons why students who have experienced challenges in math sign up for practice sessions with an online tutor.

Learning About the Test

A student who works with an online tutor to prepare for the math portion of the ACT is able to learn about the types of questions that are on the test. This helps a student to organize his or her study time a little bit better. Furthermore, an online tutor is able to help a student with the math skills that he or she has the most trouble with. Helping a student toward improved math skills is key to boosting a student's confidence. Taking ACT math prep helps a student to feel more prepared and at ease about the test. An online tutor can also answer any questions a student has about the test and its other sections. The student may want to know about the format of the test or how the questions are worded. An online tutor can be valuable in answering all of a student's pressing questions about the ACT.


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Taking an ACT Math Practice Test Can Calm Test Anxiety

As a student answers practice questions for the ACT math section, he or she may experience some level of test anxiety. The student may begin to sweat or shake. In addition, the student's heartbeat may speed up. These physical reactions are a response to the anxiety that a student is feeling about taking this important test. Fortunately, by going over possible ACT math questions, a student can map out ways to deal with these symptoms. Some students visualize calming scenes while others practice various breathing techniques. These two coping techniques can help a student to relax and put the test into perspective. When a student is calm, he or she is better able to perform well on the test. If a student with test anxiety doesn't know how to cope with these symptoms, an online tutor can offer practical advice that can be of service to the student on test day. A tutor can explain what test anxiety is and maybe even get to the root of the student's problem. This can help a student on the ACT along with tests in other subjects. A student can conquer test anxiety under the guidance of a capable online tutor.

Timing and ACT Math Practice

An experienced online tutor can help a student to figure out how to solve timing problems when it comes to the math section of the ACT. Some students get into trouble when they spend too much time on a particular math problem. Oftentimes, they get caught up in the details of the problem and become frustrated while trying to solve it. They may end up running out of time and leaving the test incomplete. Not surprisingly, an incomplete test is not an accurate representation of a student's skills or knowledge. Taking an ACT math practice test can help a student learn to move through the math section with efficiency. A student who is nervous may not realize that he or she is spending too much time on just a few problems. That is why it is helpful to have an online tutor to offer guidance in the area of taking the proper amount of time with each math problem. Most online tutors have experience with high school students who have challenges using their time wisely on the ACT. This helps them to provide struggling students with practical answers.

Study Techniques

Online tutors are experts at offering ACT math help. They can provide a student with games and fun activities to help them study. A student is more likely to be at ease with a particular type of math when it is learned through an entertaining game. These games can pay off when it comes time to answer questions on the math portion of the ACT. These games can sometimes be played with a friend who makes study time all the more enjoyable.

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Encouraging a Hesitant Student

While answering ACT practice math questions is helpful, it is also critical that a student receives a plentiful amount of encouragement. A high school student who feels a lack of confidence in his or her math skills needs to be built up by the encouraging words of an online tutor. The student needs to know that he or she is capable of mastering that part of the ACT. An experienced online tutor who has worked with many high school students knows how to reach an individual who is feeling anxious about a big test. Sometimes a few encouraging words from an online tutor can help a student feel more confident in his or her math abilities. An online tutor can also follow-up with a student after test day to see how he or she felt about the experience. It is helpful for students to know that their online tutor truly cares about how they are feeling.

Practical Suggestions for Test Day

Finally, a student who is answering practice ACT math equations and otherwise preparing for the actual test requires other types of help as well. For instance, an online tutor can suggest that the student get a lot of sleep the night before the test. This will help the student to be alert and ready to concentrate. Also, the tutor can tell the student to get a good breakfast full of healthy protein the morning of the test and maybe even go for an early walk. Light physical exercise can help a student to calm down before driving to the testing location and sitting down to begin the test. In addition, an online tutor may tell a student to wear loose clothing so he or she will be comfortable while taking the test. Being uncomfortable as well as too cold or too hot during a test can affect a student's performance. These are all tidbits of advice that could give a student that extra edge he or she needs on test day.


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