Best Christmas Gift for Henry


Dear parents,

What kind of gifts did you give to your children in the Christmas that has just passed? We'd like to share with you a story.

It was in late November when Mr. and Mrs. Turner asked their three kids what they were expecting to receive from Santa Claus. The oldest son Joe, captain of the high school football team, said he wanted a new football of a world-famous brand. The youngest daughter, 5-year-old Angela, wanted a Barbie doll with the latest dress. Only the middle son Henry, struggling in his second year at middle school, looked dejected without a word. "What do you want, dear?" His father asked.

"I know Santa has a bag full of gifts, butcan he carry something like a…a good maths grade?" Henry murmured timidly.

A month later, when they woke up in the Christmas morning, all the three kids found gifts on their beds. Of course, Joe got a football and Angela got a Barbie, but Henry only found a piece of paper in the sock hanging on his bedside. It was nothing but a piece of paper with a few words on—a website URL and what looked like the user name and password of an account.

Confused enough, Henry ran up to his computer, got on the Internet and entered the URL. An online tutoring site showed up on the screen. He then logged in by the user name and password provided, and found four consecutive math lessons of his year awaiting him.

Still not knowing what was going on, Henry turned over the paper. There was a message on the back: "Sorry I don't have grades in my gift bag, but I'd like to give you the opportunity. —Santa"

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