Can't Afford a Course? Make an Offer!


There have been students complaining that some tutors asked for a course price which was too high for them to afford. In order to relieve students of financial burden and make course prices more transparent, Acadsoc recently launched a new function: Best Offer.


Tutor can choose whether to turn on the Best Offer function (to allow students to score a bargain) when listing or editing a course advert. If the tutor considers a student's offer unreasonable, he or she can make a counter-offer in turn. In the bargaining process, both the tutor and the student can have their voices heard and in this way protect their own interests.


If you (as a student) want to view courses that allow you to make an offer, just click on "Learn" on the homepage, and then find "BEST OFFER" in the left column and select "Available" below it (see FIG. 1). In this way, all the single lessons/courses that allows for offers are listed in the page. Then, choose a course that you are interested in, find the words "Best Offer" in the course advert page, and click on the "Make an offer" button (see FIG. 2) to bargain with the tutor!


Want to learn more about how to use the Best Offer function?

l  I'm a student —> Here

l  I'm a tutor > Here

(FIG. 1 )

(FIG. 2 )

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