Career Guidance – Who Needs It?


Career guidance plays an important role in both high schools and universities. Career guidance services aim to assist students in making career decisions. This is important considering that a person’s career would definitely affect his life in the future.

Who needs career guidance?

Basically, high school and university students need career guidance. However, not all of them would require the same assistance and attention. Career guidance services divide their clients into three categories based on their readiness to make decisions with regards to the career that they would pursue: those with a high level of readiness, those with a moderate level of readiness, and those with a low level of readiness.

People with a high level of readiness to make career decisions can be left on their own. Graduating university students have usually decided already what they want to do in their life. They have made their choices and considered them final. Once the school consultants see that their personality and aptitude match the career they intend to follow, consultants will leave to choice to these students themselves. Generally speaking, people pursuing graduate and post graduate studies possess a high level of readiness to decide their career.

Some high school students and freshmen college students can be considered highly ready to decide their career. For high school students, those considered well-prepared are the students whose parents have nurtured in them the love for a certain profession and have supported them to realize their aspirations. High school students who dream to become lawyers or doctors have made such decision since they were young and with the encouragement of their parents, they have developed a strong desire to pursue those careers. 

People with a moderate level of readiness are those who have taken certain directions but are not yet sure whether to pursue them or not. Most of these people have the desire for a certain career but due to financial reasons or other factors, are still hesitating if they should make the choice.

People with low a readiness level are those who have not yet made any career choice. These are the people who lack a sense of direction in life, with no one guiding them or motivating them, and they are the people who badly need career guidance.

While people with high and moderate levels of readiness in making career decisions can turn to websites specializing in guidance services for help, people with a low level of readiness need special attention and advise. Career advisers at school need to focus on these individuals. There are several things that must be done to help them:

First, the career guidance counselor can give tests to identify areas where these students could excel. Making them aware that they have the potential to succeed in a certain career will help them think about opting for it.

Next, other measures must be taken to discover the career needs of the individuals who seem at a loss what to do with their life. Seeing concrete results of their tests will convince them to consider what appears to be the career that would fit them perfectly.

Help must be extended to them while they prepare to shift to another course or apply for a certain job. The career guidance personnel can coach them for the interview or conduct mock tests and interviews to increase their self-confidence.

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