Where to Get Chemistry Homework Help


It can be difficult to understand all the concepts in your chemistry homework whether you are taking the subject in college or high school. If you are having problems with the periodic table and different compounds, there are various resources that can help you with your homework. These resources offer qualified tutors who will assist you to demystify the various concepts. Assistance is available for students at every grade level. The tutors will help you to solve various homework problems. You can choose an online or offline chemistry homework resource to assist you.



Online Resources to Receive Chemistry Help


The following online chemistry homework resources allow you to work with a tutor remotely. Here is a list of three valuable online resources.


Acadsoc.com : Complete Coverage of All Chemistry Help


Acadsoc is an online academic society that offers assistance to students from different parts of the world, ranging from basic chemistry to organic chemistry to college chemistry. It is a platform that allows tutors and learners to interact easily with each other. The tutors are drawn from various backgrounds and some of them are social teachers, graduate teachers, and professional teachers. This resource has over 500,000 tutors from across the globe. The tutors offer their services when it is convenient for them. Each tutor has a listing with detailed information on the subject they teach, their certification, experiences, availability, pricing, and the various online tools they apply. Students identify a class that can help them with chemistry homework depending on their schedules. Acadsoc requires students to purchase the chemistry class using Acadsoc Credits. 10 Acadsoc Credits are equivalent to $1. Chemistry tutoring costs about 1500AC for 10 hours, which is about $150. The tutors are only paid once the learner is satisfied with the assistance provided. Some of the tutors offer a free trial for students who want to try the service.



Slader.com: Textbook Based Chemistry Help


Slader offers an academic community where students can get chemistry homework help. Slader applies a crowd-sourced strategy to online education. Students can post their homework assignments can get assistance from classmates and peer on the site. It is an alternative for students who are looking for a free online resource. Students have access to original answers for their homework assignments. Slader can be described as study group where students have control. It empowers the students because it allows them to influence their educational experience. This resource is suitable for high school students who want to engage with other students from different parts of the country. The chemistry homework help that is provided on the site is based on textbook content. The help is customized to suit the specific needs of the student. This site offers help for free.


Tutorpace.com: Online Chemistry Help Experts


Tutorpace is an online resource that offers chemistry homework assistance to learners in college or high school. Tutorpace allows you to select a particular tutor who will assist you to understand your assignments. The tutors are available 24/7 through a secure online environment. They use live chat and an interactive whiteboard to help students with their chemistry homework. The payment varies depending on the student’s grade. Students also have an opportunity to select a plan that offers unlimited tutoring for a specific period of time. The plans offer options for one week tutoring, a couple of hours, or several months depending on the students’ needs. Students pay between $29.99 and $949.99 depending on the grade level and length of tutoring period.


Instant Chemistry Homework Help Services


If your chemistry homework is required within a short period, instant services are the best choice. These services offer assistance as soon as you need it. Here are two sites that offer instant homework help.


Acemyhw.com: Immediate Organic Chemistry Help


This resource offers instant expert homework assistance at any time of the day or night. Students can get help in less than 10 seconds from some of the leading scholars. It is an online resource that allows students to chat with scholars who are qualified to help them solve difficult assignments. The scholars hold verified degrees and you can chat with them in real time or send them a message before you select a particular one. One of the best aspects of this resource is that students pay after they have reviewed the completed work. The site relies on advanced notification and chat systems to provide instant help. Learners pay about $95 per hour.



24houranswers.com: Live College Chemistry Help


This is an instant online tutoring service that is available to students 24 hours throughout the week. Students can submit simple or advanced assignments and get expert assistance. This resource covers a wide range of chemistry concepts. Students can also get one-on-one assistance through live tutoring from any location. All you need is internet access to interact with the tutors. The chemistry tutors available on this site are knowledgeable and experienced and they rely on innovative technology to guide you through your chemistry homework. The sites charges about $80 per hour but this can vary depending on the assignment.


Offline Chemistry Help Services


It may be necessary to get some offline assistance especially for students who learn better through face-to-face interaction. There are several sites that make it easy to find offline tutors who are qualified to assist students with their chemistry homework.


Tutoringnext.com: Private Tutors Located at Major US Cities


This site features several tutors with adequate experience. The tutors indicate their tutoring location, availability, rates, and how far they can travel to offer offline assistance. They also provide detailed information about their credentials. Tutors charge about $110 per hour.


Steppingstonetutors.com: Established In-home Tutoring Service


This site is ideal for learners who want to get chemistry homework help in their own home, local library or any other convenient location. The tutors are available within 24 hours after you contact them. Most of them offer tutoring during the weekend or in the evening. Payment is made after the tutoring but learners can also purchase packages for a specific number of hours at a discount. Payment is made using credit card or PayPal. It costs about $90 per hour.



Other Resources


Cliffnotes.com: Another valuable option for students who want help with their chemistry assignment. This resource is available for free and offers assistance for learners who find it difficult to complete their assignments, term papers or tests. The site focuses on chemistry in general, organic chemistry 1 and organic chemistry II. It can be described as a study guide, which is written by genuine professors and teachers. This is a free resource and no payment is required.


Tutorteddy.com: Students who are looking for a resource that offers chemistry homework assistance for free can use tutorteddy.com. This resource allows students to email their chemistry homework or call using a toll free number to get solutions. The site has limited resources and this means that it can take a few hours before you get a solution for your chemistry homework. However, students who have a tight deadline can use the site’s low cost service to get solutions faster. Payment is required before you get the assistance. It can cost as little as $0.99 to get a chemistry solution.

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