Chinese Learning Game: Crosswords (1)



The rule of Chinese crosswords is nothing different from English ones. One single grid represents one Chinese character. In the following hints, a sequence number marked with a * suggests that the word might be too difficult for most non-native speakers, and there is no need to worry if you fail to get it right.


a.       *(Idiom) A dog wags its tail to beg love and caring from its master; (a person) wag the tail and flatter

b.       *Being very careless and clumsy while working

c.       A kind of recreational facility for children; also a kind of computer virus

d.       *A kind of traditional opera in Shandong Province, with the performer talking while knocking copper clappers

e.       *Name of a famous Tibetan temple where Panchens have been staying

f.        The god of the sun in Greek mythology; also the name of an American moon-landing project

g.       Name of the hero in a Japanese folk tale who was born in a peach

h.       A house with only one storey

i.         The first regime under the dictatorship of the proletariat in human history

j.         Name of the ancient Chinese emperor who first ordered to build the Great Wall

k.       The main part of something

l.         *An entertainment show of CCTV held by the famous Chinese anchor, Wang Xiaoya

m.     One of the Four Famous Works of Chinese classics (Hint: Only one of the four has a title of four characters, while the titles of the other three are all three-character long.)



1.       The female role in Peking Opera

2.       An island in Latin America where the Arecibo Observatory is located

3.       The highest mountain in Africa

4.       A social system—the initial stage of communism

5.       *(Idiom) Happiness you attained from being together with your family

6.       A type of pen used by ancient Chinese people, part of which is made of wool or wolf hair

7.       *The line of verse after "人间四月芳菲尽" in an ancient poetry of the Tang Dynasty, Peach blossoms in Dalin Temple(《大林寺桃花》), written by the famous poet of the time, Bai Juyi

8.       The first chairman/president of the People's Republic of China

9.       A subordinate you trust very much; a confidant

10.   A former Chinese volleyball player and the former head coach of the United States women's national volleyball team, whose nickname is the "Iron Hammer". (Hint: You do not have to think about this word if you have completed words g and h.)

11.   *(Idiom) Someone who likes to fill his writing or talking with quotations so as to show off his knowledge.

12.   The goddess of wisdom in Greek mythology.


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