College Graduates Need Job Interview Skills Training


One of the challenges that college graduates looking for entry-level jobs have to face is the interview. Most human resource managers select the person to hire based on the results of the interview. Although you think that you have excellent communication skills, you need to develop your interview skills if you want to land the job that you are targeting. And if you want to succeed in your job hunting efforts, you need interview coaching, or you can attend a course in a job training center.

There are several reasons why college graduates need job interview skill training. First, it will familiarize fresh college graduates with the common questions asked during the interview. Nowadays, human resource managers or employers include questions about the company background, what skills a job seeker has that will make him suitable for the job, and situational questions that involve providing solutions to problems and issues. Knowing in advance the type of questions asked and how to answer them is a good advantage for fresh college graduates.

Other questions usually cover the applicant’s reasons to join the company, his confidence level and decision-making skills. In addition, he will be asked questions to determine how well he can work in a team, his orientation when it comes to clients, and his attitude towards work.

Second, through training, job seekers learn how to prepare for a job interview. You will be taught the appropriate attire and make-up. This will prevent you from going to your job interview over or under dressed.  You will also be oriented about researching the company where you are applying. The training center will guide you on what salient information you must gather about the company and about the job post that is being offered. As body language is important and through training, college graduates will learn to be aware of their undesirable mannerisms and avoid them while having an interview. You will be given a list of gestures or acts to avoid.

Third, the job training center will help graduates develop their oral and written communication skills. Many graduates have faulty grammar and human resource managers usually prefer those who can correctly express themselves. Miscommunication in the work place can cause accidents, delay, low productivity and even capital loss. The center will help graduates write effective resumes and application letters. Those who are not good at speaking can take speech improvement sessions.

Last, the training center arranges interview practice or mock interview together with highly skilled interviewers. Through this, graduates experience how it is to be like in a real interview. Results of the mock interview will be used for individual coaching to enhance interview skills.

For job seekers who do not have the time or means to enroll in a job interview training center, there are several online job interview training or online interview coaching. These program offered online are good training grounds in terms of job interview as well.

There are also handouts and brochures that you can download and study on your own. Or if you want to see how you must act during a job interview, you can watch a video of a job interview being conducted.

Your venues to gain more insights with regards to a job interview are endless and you can learn a lot if you are resourceful enough. With these opportunities to improve your interview skills, you will have more chances to be hired for your dream job.

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