E-learning in United Kingdom: News and Trends


Acadsoc, the UK’s first crowd sourced hub for elearning, has announced a new mission. The start-up will open up opportunities for small medium enterprises and consumer markets to both produce and get access to the best e-learning courses. The announcement was made at its first shop at Google Campus, arranged for free to enable elearning producers and users to discuss learning opportunities. The start-up enables all organisations and individuals to access and share learning regardless of size or budget. The launch comes at a time of growth in online education and MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) with UK universities recently announcing new online courses to challenge their US counterparts.E-learning in United Kingdom: News and Trends

Acadsoc is at the forefront of a mission to ‘democratise UK learning’. It offers courses created by the crowd, for the crowd – that is any Internet user. Managing director Martin Belton said: “Much of what exists to support online learning has its roots in the corporate world. Enterprise learning management systems are designed specifically to handle the scale of data and information within large organisations. Which is great – if you’re a large organisation. Often the experience is not great for learners within the organisation. Even less great for the tens of thousands of small and medium sized businesses out there with little hope of accessing this type of solution. And what about the Average Joe who might quite like to learn a new skill in his spare time or retrain for a new career, but simply doesn’t have access to it?”

Belton recognises that there is already a wealth of learning available online, much of it created by the crowd and much of it free. He comments, “It’s true, but the reality is most social media sites are designed for social interaction – chatting, sharing views. But not learning.”

Users have access to all of this learning at entry level pricing. They can also create content themselves and charge a fair price for it. This means they can reach others and share their skills and expertise, and generate an income as a result. Acadsoc has a mix of paid-for and free online courses available. Access is free to all.

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