5 Great Tools and Apps to Learn English


Computer technology has made learning English convenient for learners of all ages. There are plenty of materials on the internet that help non-native English speakers to earn how to speak and write in English. These learning aids are available to young children to college students who want to enhance their English language fluency.

Here are some of the most frequently used tools that are helpful in helping non-native English speakers acquire the knowledge of a second or even third language:

1. Picture dictionary for children

This tool helps widen children’s vocabulary bank with English words paired with pictures. The association between pictures and words make understanding and remembering easier for children. Each vocabulary  will also be pronounced aloud  when selecting the play button. Those colorful pictures draw the interest of young children and this makes learning English words enjoyable to them.


2.   Flashcards

This is ideal for young children to learn the English alphabets. Different flashcards will be shown, automatically and continuously. Each letter is pronounced. The child can repeat after the speaker.  After that, pictures with vocabularies starting with specific alphabet are shown accordingly. The tool is interactive and children are asked to repeat after the speaker most of the time.


3.  Write About This Free

Many teachers find it difficult in encouraging their pupils to write, even to write a short paragraph. This application encourages pupils to write using their iPhones or iPads. There are pictures and guidelines which lead pupils to complete their written compositions or stories step by step.


4. VocabularySpellingCity

This application on iPad and iPhone can be used to improve spelling skills for kindergarten to Grade 12 students. This application uses interesting games and lessons to include topics such as sounds alike and compound words. Games like Hang Mouse and Hunger Games are engaging and absorbing. For high school students who are planning to take the Scholastic Achievement Test (SAT), a list of frequently used words in SAT will be a great source for revision. This application can be downloaded for free. It can be used by students even when they are travelling to school or from school.


5.  Storehouse

It is an amazing smart phone application that can help learners improve their writing skills and creativities. Users can write their own stories by adding graphics, texts, and even video clips. Their masterpieces  can easily be published or shared with friends. With this particular application, students are encouraged to spend their spare time creating their own stories instead of playing video games. This is also great to use for projects in school. This is an application that can unleash the hidden talents of some students and motivate them to improve their language usage, organizational skills, and logical reasoning. The application is easy to use and it suits children of all ages.


With all these technology tools, learning English will not be limited inside the classrooms alone. Active students can study anywhere and anytime by using their iPads or iPhones. Aside from being fun, these tools can be downloaded for free. They are ideal to use by parents who are homeschooling their children.

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