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Biology is the scientific study of life and is broadly classified into botany, microbiology and zoology. These fields have independently contributed to humanity in various ways like improvements in agriculture, study of diseases and a better understanding of livestock and ecological systems. Zoology is the study of all animals from insects to fish and human beings. Botany however deals on all the types and sizes of plants including fungi and trees. Microbiology is the study of microorganisms like viruses that cannot be seen by the naked eye and which are not categorized in zoology and botany.

As life is something complex, new information constantly added to biology, making biology a subject with no boundaries. The study of genomics has led to the creation of organisms or living issue through customized DNA programming. These fields are today grabbing constant attention as new developments work at pushing available limits. This is why there is so much demand and interest in pursuing biology course online. Right now, online biology courses are even more in demand as they can be pursued at your leisure and convenience.

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Types of online Biology courses

Online courses are convenient to housewives, students, the employed and even the retired to learn new things. The internet offers all types of online courses, including online biology courses. Just make sure you choose and join legitimate institutions offering these courses so that the certification you eventually receive is worth the time and effort.There are basically three types of online courses available: free, trial and paid with their individual pros and cons. 

Free courses has the advantage that you have nothing to lose. You just have to pick a free online course you like and start learning at your liberty. Similarly, this is a disadvantage with free online courses as you are not that committed to it. You tend to take the course too leniently and thus may either not complete it or lose interest in it.

Paid course, as the name suggests, you have to pay for the courses for a certain amount of money. However the benefit of taking paid online course are that you can join a course without leaving your job or worry about your kids or elders being alone at home. This is because these courses are completed in the comfort of your home, on paying the stipulated fees for the course. Another benefit of paid online courses is that they are cheaper than traditional classes as the online institutions do not have that much overhead cost to bear. Moreover, paid online courses pursued at recognized and accredited institutions are recognized.

Trial courses are actually paid courses which you can try out for a short period before paying for the course. This itself is the benefit of the course as if you find you are not happy with the teaching style and material of one institution, you can just discontinue the course and try another trial course. There is thus no worry in wasting money on courses you don’t find beneficial or interesting to you.

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Recommendations for High School Biology Course

Education Portal is a site that offers many free online courses, including biology online courses. You are taught everything from basic biology concepts to scientific biology data analysis through the course. You get to learn various things like how to examine the structure of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, how to classify organisms, examine the human reproductive system and renew your DNA and RNA education.

Biology programs are available also at high school, undergraduate and graduate levels where students can take classes in biotechnology, genomics, chemistry, physics and even courses involving hands-on laboratory and field research. You have to choose based on your chosen area of focus. The institute also offers Master’s program in Bio-medical Science, Ph. D. program in bio-medical sciences and Biological sciences.

Career options in this field include working in biological engineering, bio-medical research and academia. There is huge growth potential in a career as biological scientists because of the development in biotechnological research. Education Portal offers degree programs in various levels related to biological and biomedical sciences like Bachelor’s degree in Biological Science and Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Sciences.


Khanacademy is a site that offers free entry-level high school biology courses. The courses teach you more about living things and even teach you how to understand the structure and function of the human body at the cell level. You are also taught about DNA and a bit of how forensic scientists use biology to solve crimes. According to the syllabus of the course, each new section of a course starts monthly. So if you get enrolled in 2 or more biology courses, space the start dates of each course at least two months apart.

free high school biology courses

Recommendations for College Credit Biology Online Course

Yale University offers a range of online courses including online biology courses. This course presents the principles of evolution, ecology, and behavior for students beginning their study of biology and of the environment. It discusses major ideas and results in a manner accessible to all Yale College undergraduates. It also helps give you academic satisfaction and better employment opportunities in places like hospitals, universities, clinics, agriculture and research.

The Biology major was developed for those with an aptitude for the life sciences. Individuals with an interest in field, laboratory or research experiences within the fields of marine biology, ecology, microbiology, botany or molecular biology are encouraged to apply. The Bachelor of Science degree requires a focus and not a broad based course of study. The flexible and affordable education offered by Almeida University makes your higher learning dreams a reality. What’s the best part of this biology course is that everyone get the chance to download the lecture videos from YouTube and iTunes U.


MIT Open Courseware is a great site for learning college online biology course. The course here covers the core principles of biology and even has a course defined for high school students.  It offers undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral training in anywhere from general biology to specialized fields of study and research. The courses here are designed to give you a strong background in biology and develop an integrated scientific perspective.  Undergraduates from the institution move on to find careers in fields like medicine, biomedical industry, forensics and teaching.


MIT Credit College Biology Courses

The programs emphasize on practical work and combine their course-related lab exercises with faculty sponsored and project-oriented laboratories. Students here are encouraged to get familiar with advanced research techniques and to take part in seminars. The undergraduate courses in biology offered in MIT are divided into specialties like Biochemistry, Biophysics, Ecology, Cell Biology, Microbiology and Stem Cells. Courses offered here include courses in Introductory Biology, Developmental Biology and Experimental Biology and Communication. Graduate courses in biology offered here are once again divided into various sections and include courses in Human Reproductive Biology, Cell-Matrix Mechanics, Cell and Molecular Neurobiology and Intensive Neuroanatomy.


Openculture let students learn their biology online courses with a wide range of choices through elective courses, teaching experiences and seminars. Biology graduates can seek their careers in biotechnology, government agencies and many non-governmental organizations. 


Students can choose to study their graduate training through programs like Marine biology, Neurobiology, Cell & Molecular biology, Neuroscience, Biochemistry and Cell Biology. Non-majors and students in paramedical and health sciences can pursue the Introductory Biology for Health Sciences while students who want to concentrate on natural sciences or environmental science should pursue Biology I and Biology II where high school biology is assumed. The Biology II Honors is for well-prepared students which carries natural science divisional credit in CAS.


List of resources for further learning


Open University:Animals at the Extremes: Polar Biology

The Open University's free course materials include specific units from full courses that were originally offered to regular students. Courses include lecture materials and a reference section, but the courses do not lead to credit.

Tufts University: Microbiology

Tufts OpenCourseWare doesn't require registration, and students can't earn credit for courses taken. Microbiology teaches students fundamental tactics used to identify infectious diseases. Students will learn about parasitic and microbial infections.

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia: Cellular and Molecular Biology

The Cellular and Molecular Biology course utilizes PowerPoint presentations for students to learn about DNA transmission and the connection between function and structure in molecular biology.

University Of Massachusetts At Boston: General Biology I

General Biology I has students examining life at the cellular and molecular level. Students can download lecture handouts and notes or access lecture videos.

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