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Photography has gone through a renaissance throughout the world due to technological advances like mobile phones, iPhones, iPods, and other gadgets. Jason Pickering did a great job in this filed. A photograph can be taken just about anywhere within a matter of seconds without any prior training. Even so, photography is a hobby for some and a career choice for others. If photography is just a hobby for you then this information may or may not be of interest to you. However, if you have desires to become a professional photographer, or want to know more about the field, you can receive proper training online for free in order to comprehend the basics of the trade. It will afford you the possibility of taking interesting and expert quality photographs that can lead to financial rewards as well.


With the development of the Internet, an ideal platform has materialized to help photographers hone their skills. Online photography courses will help you obtain the knowledge you need to launch your photography career or to learn how to take better photographs. There are many schools and art universities offering online photography courses. Sometimes these courses are free and sometimes a small number of them are charged. However, if you are in search of a free online photography course, there are plenty to choose from.

Preparations for Online Photography Course

The most important things needed to take an online photography course are the best camera you can afford and a good Internet connection. These two will be required of any photography course you take online whether the course is free or not. Afterwards, it’s up to the institution how the course is run. Most will require receiving instructions via email, video tutorials, and some may even use software like Skype.

Benefits of taking Online Photography courses

You save time

One advantage of taking online photography courses is that you save time and energy going back and forth to courses. Since there is no traveling involved, you have more time to prepare for your lessons. In addition, you are only required to log in to the site of the school at a specific time. Some online photography schools will work around your schedule as well.


You save money

Books and other study materials are not a requirement in order to take online courses, everything is available online. Depending on the online site, there may be certain software, for editing for example, to purchase or for free.


You have a better choice of techniques

There is a broad range of useful tips and lessons to be discovered with online photography courses. This is great motivation for students looking for specific topics. In addition, these online courses are frequently updated to fit the current theme of photography trends. Oftentimes there is more than one technique utilized to cover one subject and perfect it. A proficient online photography school will help you obtain the right skills and know how to capture a specific theme using various techniques. This way you can experiment with different methods and find your niche!


You learn different types of photography

Still life photography and fashion photography are two very popular categories in photography. Regardless of the type of photography you prefer, online classes will teach you how to manage your focus in diverse ways. In addition, you learn how to properly organize the object or subject of your camera in order to orchestrate a well turned-out photograph.

Free Online Photography Courses –Acadsoc

For beginners of photography who are looking for help online, Acadsoc is no doubt a best choice. Here you can take personal tutorial with experienced photographers with advanced degrees at a relatively low cost or even for free. Photography courses on Acadsoc mainly focus on teaching the basic knowledge of photography, and you can learn from the very beginning from aperture and shutter speed to white balance and long exposure. The tutor will teach you face-to-face how to frame a shot, feature a person, correct the color of your photos, or file a portfolio. If you are studying photography at school, Acadsoc tutors know how to help you gain an A* grade!

-Beginner Photography

-Photography Insight




Free Online Photography Courses -- PhotographyCourse

There are a number of free and paid photography courses available online. PhotographyCourse is an ideal place to get started, no matter you are a novice or an expert. This site offers free photography lessons and tutorials ranging from the basics of film, optics, cameras, and light to web page layout and digital photography. The courses are packed full of photography tips and advice, built for the novice and professional alike. This is the perfect place for those wanting to know more about film and digital photography. 


-Photography 101

-How to use your camera.

-Light and photography.


-How to shoot a sunset.

-Nature, portrait, and sports photography and more!

Free Online Photography Courses --- Photoflex

Photoflex Lighting School is a free online tutoring school demonstrating professional-lighting methods using a minimal amount of lighting tools. It’s definitely a good place to start learning basic lighting, indoor portrait, outdoor portrait and still life. The courses are not only available in English, but also in other popular languages. You may learn how to use the sun for optimal lighting results and various types of lighting techniques. Courses include:


-Lessons with video

-how to take indoor portraits using various types of lighting techniques.

-how to take outdoor portraits using various types of lighting techniques.

-How to use the sun for optimal lighting results.

-How to create stunning still-life scenes.



Free Online Photography Courses --- Jodie Coston


Jodie Coston’s Free Online Photography Course consists of a series of 10 free lessons that cover the fundamentals of photography. It covers the basics of photography. Carefully-chosen photos and graphics illustrate principles of composition, effect of various apertures and shutter speeds, lens choices, filters, lighting, and more. These courses include information such as process of photography, examples and interactive “rollovers” that reveal key principles taught. They include:


-Composition and Impact

-Aperture and Shutter Speed

-Choosing camera optics

-ISO, specialty films, grain, transparency vs. negative

-Camera filters, zooming and panning, and soft focus effects

-Nature, landscape, and travel photography

-Portraits and studio lighting

-Still life, product photography and more!

-Tying It All Together

-Special Requests

Free Online Photography Courses --- eHow

If you feel you are a step above the novice photographer, you may be impressed by eHow’s online courses.  Learn some formal features such as using a grid and framing, selecting nice angles and utilizing props to create detailed and great photos on eHow. Courses include:

ehow photography videos


-How to use a grid and framing to take great photographs.

-How to shoot from an angle, from the side, and the technique to capture a reaction.

-How to utilize props to create detailed photos.

-How to take expert full-body shots, upper body poses.


Free Online Photography Courses --- provides weekly assignments to help photography students to refine the ins and outs of photography with straightforward lessons. Many people like taking pictures of their pets, and on eHow, you can learn how to capture your pet’s personality and communicate motion in images. From that you will also discover the ways of catching the essence of nature such as shadows and water. Courses include:


-Selecting everyday objects and focusing on one segment at a time.

-How to capture your pet’s personality on camera.

-How to communicate motion in images.

-How to catch the essence of nature on film.

-How to record shadows in a photograph.

-How to photograph varying aspects of water.

-How to take in-depth photos of inanimate objects.

The world of online photography is at your feet

Now that you are more aware of the free online photography courses available, it’s time to make a move and take advantage of the courses offered. The opportunity to benefit from free coursework is something no photographer should pass up! In fact, an online photography course is an ideal means of becoming an expert in the trade. Nonetheless, it’s not just a matter of taking courses; it takes hard work, motivation, enthusiasm, and dedication if you want to excel in the competitive world of photography.

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