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Psychology has become a popular course of study for many individuals. A wide range of fields are increasingly interested in the effects of psychology on their work; businessmen, doctors, and artists are desired to learn the way people think to be more successful in their fields. And, psychology is becoming a much bigger personal interest in recent years. Because of the burgeoning interest in psychology, a number of online psychology courses have begun to appear. Several of the available online courses in psychology offer instruction that is comparable to what you might find in universities.


There are several advantages to taking online courses in psychology. First, these types of courses allow you to study on your own time. You can choose to learn a little at a time or in chunks, and take the course at any time of day or night and resume your learning session. Another benefit is that the range of materials available for learning is often better for online psychology courses. The internet is a wonderful tool for learning, and it allows you to seek additional information on any topics that are of particular interesting to you.'s Free Psychology Course offers a great email course that covers a number of basic psychological concepts, such as memory, intelligence, personality, and development. The course materials were designed by experts in the subject of psychology, and the course is written very well.

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You can sign up for their online psychology courses on their website. Once you sign up, you'll be emailed a new portion of the course every week. You'll have the whole week to look through the course materials and learn at your own pace. The course lasts for ten weeks, and you can repeat it if you'd like to.


This is a great place to start for people who want to learn the basics of psychology. You are not obligated to continue the course after the first week if you don't find it valuable. However, there is a lot to be learned from this course. The weekly emails help you stay focused and remind you to make progress on your learning. This is one of the best free online psychology courses that you will find on the internet. You can find their resources, along with the online course.

UC Berkeley's Free Psychology Course


For a more personal psychology study, try Dacher Keltner’s “Human Happiness”. This course takes learners through the basics of what causes happiness, how people can become more happy. The lectures include examples of clinical studies on happiness, and they explain how the research can be applied to everyday life. This is a topic that’s key to our society, as everyone searches for ways to become happier.


The course, given by a UC Berkeley professor, is available for free in audio format through the iTunes store. It is available in a series of thirty free videos that you can download and watch at your own pace. You can find this excellent course, along with other free online psychology courses.    

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Other iTunes Psychology courses:

Prof. Jeremy Wolfe: Introduction to Psychology

UW–Madison: Psychology of Perception

UCLA: Social Psychology 
Dr. Dana Baldwin: Abnormal Psychology
Victoria Cross: Developmental Psychology

MIT OpenCourseware's Psychology Course


Another one of the best online courses in psychology is the MIT OpenCourseware program. This website is part of the University of MIT, and you can imagine that the instruction would be excellent. The best part about it is that these are all free online psychology courses.


mit psychology courses

The MIT OpenCourseware program focuses on brain and cognitive sciences. The types of things you will learn include how the brain works, the types of chemicals that affect the brain, how the brain is wired with its many neural circuits, and how experiences affect our brains. You don't need to sign up for this website, so you can practice freely. The course allows you to stop and start, and to piece together parts of the course that you find most interesting. This is a great choice among the neurological based online courses in psychology.


University of Houston Psychology Course


University of Houston offers several courses via their YouTube account, and they have several good online courses in psychology. One of their best is their course on the Psychology of Gender. It covers topics of differences and similarities between men and women, and the ways that men and women’s thinking differs.

university psychology courses 

The Psychology of Gender course is delivered in a series of videos by one of their most prominent lecturers. Perhaps this is one of the best courses for a budding psychologist, since gender differences are a topic that has a lot of affect on everyone's lives. This and several other good online psychology courses can be found on their YouTube page.


SkilledUp Helps you Find Online Psychology Courses


SkilledUp is one of the best tools for finding online courses in psychology. They have a database of courses that covers many psychological topics, such as social psychology, health psychology, and cognitive psychology. On their website, you will find psychology courses from many different institutions, including Georgia Tech, UCLA, and the University of Toronto. While some of the individual courses may be paid, there are plenty of free online psychology courses. Follow the link below to check which free online psychology courses they currently offer:

No matter what your interests are, you can find good online psychology courses from these websites. These will give you the ability to learn from the comfort of your home, and on your own time. Being able to pay a bit will give you access to many more options, but there are several good free online psychology courses to choose from, as well. You may discover some new interests and decide to take even more online courses in psychology. Hopefully, you will be able to put your new skills to use in your personal and career endeavors.


For more information, visit the following links:

OpenCulture's Psychology & Cognitive Sciences

Yale’s Introduction to Psychology: Learn about a wide variety of stimulating topics and learn the answers to age-old questions like why we tickle ourselves.

The New Psychology of Depression: This course covers the current state of science’s understanding of depression, how it’s treated and how human beings can learn to better cope with a society that’s making them collectively blue.

How to Think Like a Psychologist: These lectures make me think of the happenings that go about everyday that play a great role in my life . I feel that because of these videos I can tackle the adversity I face with the power of mental strength.

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