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Author: Ms Kalpana

Mathematics is a very scoring subject compared to any other subject. The key to master Maths is to have a strong foundation and a great base for the subject. Children are usually afraid of the term ‘Maths’ as they do not have clear concepts and basis in the subject. Every concept in Maths from beginner level is carried forward to the next grade at a higher standard. It means if the concept is not clear when the child is young, he or she will not be able to do well in higher grades. The lack of an established foundation creates a phobia in children and they end up looking at Maths as a very tough subject which they will never understand.

Online tutoring for Maths is a blessing for parents and students. Students can easily access to online tutorial staying at their homes and can help themselves improve their knowledge. If at any point a young child is stuck in some basic mathematical concepts, they can easily have it clarified by receiving help from an online math tutor. It saves time and money for the parents as they do not have to bring their children to tutorial centers.

Children will also feel comfortable taking classes online as they can ask questions they have on the subject and clarify their doubts without facing a teacher directly. Parents have to monitor the results if their children are too young in order to help them score well and develop an interest in subject. This has a strong effect on their scores as well as the overall performance in any grade.

As an online tutor, I always emphasize on the knowledge and motivate children to learn the subject thoroughly starting from the basics even if I have to spend a little more time on making them understand the content clearly. I believe by doing so, students will face fewer difficulties when they learn more complex concepts in Mathematics when they go to higher grades.

If a child does not have a basic understanding in algebra such as addition and subtraction, they will not be able to understand when to write a negative and a positive number when they are doing simplification of terms. It makes them perceive Mathematics as a very complicated and a difficult subject to learn. However, if the concepts were clearly taught to the child in the first place, he would not come into such difficulties when they learn a deeper concept within the same topic of say, algebra. Therefore, I strongly recommend that students should be properly monitored and parents have to check their results and help them build a strong basis in Mathematics when the kids are at a young age in order to build confidence in them towards the subject. Online Math help might do wonders in the kid’s performance in Mathematics as the tutors are readily accessible and students can book their slots at their convenience, which means they can master the subject right away staying at their homes. Strong basis and confidence are the keys to success in Mathematics. Every step in any mathematical calculation has to be properly taught, be it anything addition, subtraction, division, multiplication of intergers, fractions etc.

The complexity of Mathematics will instantly vanish if Maths is properly taught when the kids are young .In fact, if a child has strong basis, they will love Mathematics and be able to score very well and feel confident in the subject. Online tutoring is a great help for children of today’s generation.



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