Helping Your Children Succeed in High School Math


Many students are afraid of taking math courses because they have this notion that these subjects are difficult. This idea has to be changed to reduce students’ fear of Mathematics.

Parents are the best people to influence their children. Here are some tips on how you can help your children succeed in high school math.

1. Help your children develop a positive attitude toward Mathematics. Some parents readily agree with their children when they say that they find Mathematics hard to understand. Instead of agreeing with them, help them realize that any subject could be difficult if you do not try your best to learn it. Encourage your children to pay attention to the discussions in class and to be familiar with general concepts and rules that are helpful when solving problems.

2. Assist your children when they are working on their homework. When the topics are too difficult for you, do not start blaming their teachers for giving them complicated problems to solve. If the lesson is beyond your comprehension and skills, find a highly qualified tutor for your children. There are times when the way you explain the lesson adds more confusion. People who specialize in Mathematics can teach some techniques on how to solve problems and find the right answer fast and accurately.

3. Explain to your children that nothing in this world is easy. Everyone has to face challenges in life and school work, especially Mathematics, which is one of them. This is the time to teach your child patience and perseverance. Show your child how other people have struggled a lot for what they have today and what they enjoy. In this world, nothing will be served to you in a silver platter. You have to work hard for whatever you want to get.

4. Praise your children for some improvements in their scores. It will make them feel happy to know that you have noticed how hard they have tried. Always give constructive criticism. This will boost their confidence and morale.

5. Make learning mathematics a fun experience for your children. Find educational materials that include games among the activities. Spend time playing the games with your children and soon, you will realize that they have learned more from the games than from your long explanations and lectures about a certain mathematical concept.

6. Demonstrate to your children the importance of learning mathematics in their daily lives. Start while they are still young. Take them shopping and let them compute how much they have spent or find out how much they need to actually pay for a discounted item.

7. Avoid pushing your children too much. Some students learn fast while others need more time to digest concepts and apply them.  Berating your children by calling them names will add to their fear of Math. As previously advised, if you think your children need help, find a math tutor for them who can teach them techniques to do math fast and accurately.

8. Stop comparing your children with their siblings or classmates. Many parents do this to challenge their children but the truth is doing this destroys their self-esteem. Remember that each individual is unique and capable of learning anything when properly motivated and guided.

Most importantly, let them know that you always appreciate the efforts they put into studying and learning.

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