HKDSE Students Finding New Ways Out


According to the Hong Kong media, after the results of the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) are released, only fewer than twenty percent of the candidates are able to be enrolled in government-supported degrees. Statistics shows that the number of candidates in the former "college entrance exams" was around 30,000, while that of the HKDSE which started to be held in the recent two years surpasses 70,000. Meanwhile, the number of government-supported degrees is not increasing, remaining about 15,000. As a result, more Hong Kong students have to leave Hong Kong and find other places to further their studies.

Media says that the college entrance system in many other countries or regions is much more mature than that of Hong Kong, in which students with good grades and poor grades both have suitable courses for them to take. At present, many overseas colleges come to Hong Kong for recruitment. Apart traditional study-abroad choices such as the UK, the US, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, colleges in Switzerland, Ireland, Austria, France, Germany, Chinese mainland and Taiwan are also attracting Hong Kong students. According to the media, there are more major subjects for students to choose in overseas colleges, such as veterinary, aeroplane engineering, aeroplane driving, nutriology, 3D animation, film and so on.

Besides furthering their studies, many high school graduates are seeking for career development, and actively apply for career related degrees, basic diplomas and higher diplomas provided by the Hong Kong Vocational Training Council (VTC). It is reported that the number of graduates applying for these courses are increased by 10 percent compared with that of last year. The Hong Kong Daily News reports in May that some of the degree courses are highly demanded by students, such as medical care, fashion design, sports management and civil engineering, of which a dozen of applicants are fighting for one place. As for the higher diploma courses, the most popular courses include social services, airline operation and management, airport management and preschool education. The report claims that the employment rate of graduate students has reached 90 percent, and their average salary has risen compared with that in the past.

However, Ming Pao points out that some of the affiliated schools of colleges in Hong Kong do not clearly give the percentage of self-financing and government-supporting students in their data, and use the blurring data to create a false impression that their enrollment rates are high, which attracts students to go to them. Ming Pao suggests that students had better not easily believe the data provided by schools.

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