How We Work


Acadsoc is an all-round platform for online education. You can teach, learn, or consult our experts if you wish to study abroad. We also provide homework, essay and job skill tutoring services to improve students' learning experience. We welcome tutors and students from all of the world to come to join us and contribute to high quality online tutoring services!

On Acadsoc, Tutors CanHow Acadsoc Works

● Teach students all across the globe

● Teach anytime and anywhere as they like

● Improve teaching skills and abilities

● Make friends with people in other countries

● Earn extra money

Students Can

● Gain individualized help from high quality tutors

● Improve their learning skills as well as school grades

● Learn a new language

● Get advice on job-hunting or be trained for workplace skills

● Pick up old hobbies or learn something new

● Make friends internationally

Inquirers Can

● Get a good idea of what it would be like to study abroad
● Ask Acadsoc to find a suitable tutor for them
● Get satisfied answers for their questions

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