How Online Tutoring Can Help Achieving a Better Grade in English


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Tutoring, something I can closely related to ever since I am little. I had always been academically weak during my school years, and I had met countless tutors of different academic backgrounds face-to-face daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. After years of hard work, mostly my tutors’ hard work, I had managed to get into a university in the US.


I was thrilled and I couldn't help myself imagining how much fun I was going to have without all these tutors around, yet, not until I received my mark and my comments from my first university assignment, It was an English essay written on a Sociology topic. My assignment was marked as “Fail” and there was a comment written in red and said, “You got a lot of problem with your English grammar, punctuation, connectives and it is not a comprehensive piece of work!” My heart was totally broken and I felt like I had dropped from heaven to hell. I couldn't believe my eyes and tried to seek assistance from my previous tutors. Unfortunately, since they are not native-English speakers themselves and they are located in Hong Kong, they had all refused to help.


As an overseas student studying in an English speaking country, I didn't have any connection in finding a reliable native English tutor. I started to go online and I found all these online learning platforms. I was stunned with the concept of tutoring through the internet, without actually travelling to the tutor’s home or seeing the tutor in person. I had so much doubt on online tutoring and I was fairly concerned with the qualities of the tutors. There were pages and pages of tutors to choose from, each of them provided with a detailed profile of their own with educational background, tutoring experiences and even their academic certificates. All this information had somehow lower my conservation on online tutoring, plus I was too desperate at that time; I had booked my very first online learning class.


I was extremely nervous hours before my first online class, wondering what if the tutor didn't show up, what if I didn't know how to use the e-classroom tool and what if the tutor couldn't understand my poor English. In fact, my experiences have proven to me that there was nothing I had to be worried about. The tutor was utterly patient and caring; he spent time reading my awful essay assignment by using the share screen function on e-classroom. He shared with me his learning experiences as a university student and he sent me his A graded academic essays, again, through e-classroom. On top of that, I had learnt and review different sentence structures, syntax from the eyes of a native English speaker, which could make sure I learn from the most authentic users and it had lessen my possibilities to be criticized by my native lecturer. In that one-hour online lesson, I felt like I had learned everything I need in order to survive in a western university.

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