How Online Tutoring Can Help Achieving a Better Grade in English


Author: Andy Johnson 


Online tutoring can help you achieve a better grade in English because you and your tutor are in full control of what you see and respond to in the virtual classroom. All other distractions are removed from your learning experience. You can access directly the images, sounds and exercises that the teacher chooses to share with you, instantly, flexibly and with focus on exactly what you need to work on. The teacher’s control over what you see and hear how you see it and hear it is much fuller than in a physical classroom situation, and with the webcam enabled, you can see the tutor and the tutor can see you, in real time so nothing is lost. No longer is a physical classroom the only way to get the most out of learning and to improve your English in the most efficient, quick and enjoyable way. Accelerated learning makes use of the accessibility of a computer to deliver rich content in terms of sound, images and video. Online tutoring enables you to participate in an accelerated learning programme that has the added bonus of being guided and shaped by a professional English tutor to address the areas of your English learning that you want to focus on.


To focus on pronunciation, the teacher can remove the webcam and you are robbed of the visual cues to meaning such as facial expressions, which means that interacting in English is immediately much more challenging and focused than it could ever be in a classroom situation. To focus on writing, you can type, edit, cut, paste and highlight text on the screen. To focus on listening, you can hear the recordings your tutor has selected for you. For reading, you can share files and trade web links and experience the most interactive and content-rich learning available. You can even record the lessons directly in your computer and access them again at whatever time you need. This is especially good in terms of the class notes, which the teacher can record and save directly from his or her computer as the lesson goes on, and then send them to you instantly once the lesson is finished. Learning English via online tutoring, you will always have a record of what you learned and how you learned it.


The flexibility of arranging lessons by online timetable enables you to choose lesson times at your convenience, rather than struggling to co-ordinate lessons—often in a different time zone—via email and phone. The flexibility of having a lesson whenever you want, wherever you want and how often you want means that you can improve your English so much faster by working around the other aspects of your day. Your tutor can design a unique syllabus and programme of lessons for you to address the areas you need to work on in a bespoke, personalised manner. You can attend the same high-quality lessons with your tutor from your desk at work, at your kitchen table at home and even on the move. ‘A little and often’ is the best way to assimilate any language, and frequent, regular online tutorials throughout the working week and weekend has the potential to improve your speaking, listening, reading and writing faster than any other learning method.


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