How Online Tutoring can Help Achieving a Better Grade in Mathematics


Author: lcyjasmine


One of Winston Churchill’s most famous quotes said “success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” I believe many of us have come across certain obstacles in learning, and my major obstacle is Mathematics. I had never imagined Math to be my enemy since I used to get good grades in Math class and receive compliments from my teacher saying that I am talented at Math. When I started Grade 9, everything just changed, changed for the worse. Exponential growth and decay was an ordeal; completing square was a tribulation; probability was nothing but a nightmare. I could no longer get the correct answers as easily as I used to. It is not just the topics themselves getting more arduous, the questions in tests are becoming more stylish; by that I mean they are so dressy and incomprehensible. Before Grade 9, tests questions require only simple calculations and by practicing a lot, everyone can score high. After Grade 9, questions given out in tests got more difficult and complicated, and the worst thing is that most of them are not discussed in class. I desperately needed help at that point, but I was reluctant to look for my Math teacher’s help because I was afraid of being teased about as a nerd. That is also why I did not attend any face-to-face tutorial sessions. When I learned about online tutoring, I reckoned it must be the most perfect solution for me.


With online tutoring, I can learn anytime and anywhere on anything. On Acadsoc, there are many Math tutors, and some of them specializes on certain topics or curriculum. Since I can have the tutorial lesson at home and even in my bed, I do not feel the pressure of talking to an instructor. I am comfortable raising any questions I have and even feel like we are discussing Math problems like intellectuals. My online tutors are willing to spend time on providing step-by-step explanations. The benefit of having online classes with more than one tutor on the same topic is that I can learn different approaches these tutors take to deal with a specific question. This is what school teachers cannot offer; they always spotlight one and only one solution in classes. In fact, I have already nailed probability and I am already learning Compound Probability in Geometry. My target is to keep up my work and get to study AP Calculus so I can study Mathematics in university.

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