How to Prepare Yourself for Better Learning


To make your online learning more efficient and fruitful, we have the following tips for you:

a. Arrange Your Learning Time

Assigning some time for your study every day is very important. You can do anything you want outside of this time, but during your fixed time, you should be solely involved in your studies and not let anybody or anything disrupt you. Acadsoc also sets a timetable for you when you are choosing your course, to allow you to select your available time and prepare everything well before each class.

b. Determine Your Learning Style

How do you learn best? Most students have one dominant learning style, so find out what it is, or combine several strengths. Some people are primarily into touch-based (tactile) or movement-based (kinesthetic) learning. These people need to move around when studying so using tapes while you're at the gym may be a good strategy for this learning style. While you should focus on your dominant learning style, it is the best way to encode information and make sure it stays there is to use a combination of strategies.          

c. Rid Yourself of Distractions While Learning

Cell phone, music, and your chatty partner will distract you from your instructor or book. Sit in a suitable place, to make the most of your class. Keep valuables in a bag, or far away enough for them not to attract your attention.

d. Keep Your Learning Process Interesting

How to Arrange Your Learning

Do whatever it takes. If you like colors, color the codes, if you're crafty, make yourself a desk organizer, get a cool notebook or binder, or get a pen you really love to write with. Being in a space which is organized and attractive is likely to make you want to stay there longer - and the more effort you put into something, the more you are likely to get out, so spend some time creating your space, your organization system and your mind set so you only have to do it once. Get these out of the way at the beginning and you'll find that you maximize your productivity and minimize your study time.

e. Establish Good Relationships with Your Tutor

If you hate your teacher, you will have a lot of trouble learning. Be polite and show respect, and put in some effort. Then your teacher will hold a liking for you, which will make classes more pleasant.

f. Hands-on Activities During Class

Hands-on activities are great, as they stick in your memory and help you more. When you perform experiments in class, make sure that you concentrate. Take notes even when they're not required during a lecture. The more your mind is open, the faster information will store. Alternatively, instead of taking notes, record the lecture on a mini-recorder and devote your attention to listening; use the recording to create notes afterwards. This extra step takes time, but makes use of what psychologists call the "dual-coding hypothesis", where you are more likely to learn something if you experience it in two different ways.

g. Set Small Goals for Yourself

For example, take notes during class, and at the end of the week, see if you can write a short essay based on the material you've been learning. Before you begin a new unit, write down some questions on the topic, and at the end of each lesson, see how many of them you can answer. Each time you accomplish a goal, reward yourself by buying a CD or item of clothing, going out and having fun, or just taking a break.

h. Don't Forget to Review What You Have Learned

Review the toughest material right before going to bed the night before the test. That approach makes it easier to recall the material later. On Acadsoc, you can record the whole class with our tutoring tool—E-Classroom, so that you can review it as many times as you want to totally understand what your online tutor have taught you.

i. Ask for Help if You're Struggling

Many people don't do this. If you find yourself struggling, keep in mind that all tutors are ready for help. See if your school has a resource room you could use during school time or go directly to your tutor.

If you have more successful tips for learning, please enjoy with us.

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