How to Be a Popular Tutor Online


Online education has become popular as more and more parents and students realize the convenience of learning online. In the past, only a few schools offered online teaching; but as others stated to realize the value of accessible education to all levels, the industry has taken several leaps forward.

There are different online learning platforms in today’s market. Learners simply register with the platform and have classes with instructors or tutors qualified by the platform. This new trend in learning has provided thousands of job opportunities for people who have the qualifications to teach whether online or offline. Some of the online learning platform offer students a list of tutors to choose from. Students will browse through all the information provided by each tutor, such as their photos, qualifications, teaching experiences, and expertise. Some teachers are so popular that they can have classes for a whole day long while others get only a handful of students. Since the mentors’ incomes depend on the number of students they teach, popularity is the rule.

Here are some tips on how to be an in-demand online tutor:

Be prompt. Remember that most students pay on an hourly basis and they want value for their money. Be online a few minutes before the class starts. If you use video call, set up your microphone, webcam, and learning materials in advance. Always start and end your class on time. Avoid petty talks. Proceed to the lesson after a short review. Learn to handle students who are fond of distracting their tutors to avoid the lessons. You must know how to distinguish between genuine curiosity and diversionary tactics.

Know the level of the student.A responsible online tutor usually conducts a placement test before starting the classes. This will help him/her diagnose the student’s needs and design a program that will meet the student's requirements as a learner.

Set your rules clearly. Your students need guidance especially in establishing routine and good study habits. Be consistent and firm and show the students that you mean business. Parents and students will like you for this.

Develop your writing and speaking skills. The way you give out the lesson is very important. Talk in a clear and concise manner so that your student can easily catch up and understand what you are talking about. Use text chat if the student finds it hard to comprehend what you are saying. Always ask the student if he gets what you are talking about.

Develop efficiency while using the learning materials that are available on the internet. If the platform itself has prescribed books or handouts, always make them ready and accessible to your student. Lecturing is good but visual aids and other materials will create a more interesting lesson for the student.

Use good assessment standards to determine the extent of learning that has taken place. Conduct short quizzes and long tests in order to check mastery of the learning tasks that have been taken up.

Have a simple but comprehensive report of the student’s progress and send this to his/her parents regularly. Parents need to know how well their child is doing. Your reports will also determine how you will be teaching the student. Once parents see that you know what you are doing, you will be assured of having a student for a long time.

Great efforts are required on the part of the tutor in order to get more students. If you are good at teaching and communicating, register with Acadsoc and start teaching online now!

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