How to Choose a Suitable Course


You are ready to learn on Acadsoc, but you're not sure how to choose a suitable course and tutor for yourself? Don't worry. Just follow our guide below:

a) Go to the "Learn" page and stop your mouse over "All categories", then either choose a language or a kind of skill you want to learn, or select the country or region you are in and then select your school level to find an academic subject that you want help in. You can also enter the name of subject or key word of what you want to learn in the search box and then click on "Search".

b) For example, if you are a secondary school student in United Kingdom, you can choose "United Kingdom" and then "Secondary School". Then, there will be a list of courses and tutors there. You can find the latest course adverts by selecting the options on the upper right menu.

c) Narrow down your selection by choosing from certain options on the left side.

d) Click on the title of a course to go to the detailed introduction page about the tutor and the course to see whether this tutor is the one for you.

e) If there are no results for your search or you can't find a suitable tutor, you can post your academic need on our website and wait for tutors to respond to you.

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