How to confirm a completed class?


If you are satisfied with a completed class and need no refund from the tutor, you have to confirm the class. 


To confirm having taken a Single Lesson:

Go to Learning > SINGLE LESSON, and click “Class unconfirmed”, then the class(es) which needs to be confirmed is(are) listed in the page. Click on “Confirm class” under the Actions bar and follow the prompt to proceed (see FIG. 1). 

Once you successfully confirm a class, the AC will be released to tutor’s account and the order is completed. If you do not confirm the class within 7 days after it is over, the class will be confirmed automatically


To confirm having taken a Course

Go to Learning > COURSE, and click “View Order Details” on the right of the course which has not been completed yet (see FIG. 2). Then, in the detail page, click on “Confirm class” for the class that is over (see FIG. 3) and follow the prompt to proceed.

For a Course consisting several classes, you need to confirm each time when one of the classes is over. If you do not confirm the class within 24 hours after it is over, the class will be confirmed automatically.


Free Trial classes do not have to be confirmed after it is over. 

(FIG. 1)

(FIG. 2)

(FIG. 3)

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