How to Deal with Anxiety in Daily Life


Anxiety is a common feeling experienced by everyone when they are nervous or worried.  It's a normal feeling but when such an emotion fills your daily life, you need to learn how to cope with it. There are various levels of anxiety – from mere worries about what other people think about you to all kinds of obsessions and phobias. Excessive anxiety can make your life miserable, affect your health, and destroy your social life and relationship with others.

You must know how to deal with anxiety in order to have a normal and happy life. Here are some tips on how to avoid getting anxious at all times:

First, develop a positive attitude. Many of your fears are brought by your negative outlook in life.  Instead of getting excited about your coming trip, you start thinking about accidents and other dangers that you might meet. While others go out and explore the new place, you remain cooped up in your hotel feeling miserable and left out. Why not embrace what the world offers with eagerness? Knowing that accidents are caused by recklessness, all you need is to be careful; and then nothing bad will come to you. Vehicular accidents do not happen all the time and there is one in hundreds of thousands of chances that it can happen to you.  Life is full of risks, and no one can run away from them. So enjoy your life at the moment.

Second, improve yourself. One cause of anxiety is worrying about how you look and how others would think of you. If you are not gifted with rare beauty, enhance your look by good grooming. Always comb your hair neatly and maintain a glowing skin. Smile and your face will look pretty and wholesome. Be clean in appearance, thoughts, and actions and your beautiful heart will be reflected in your face. Wear neat clothes with color and design most suited for you. Some people like expensive and stylish clothes but price and stylishness are no assurances that you will look good on them. If you feel anxious in talking to a crowd, take some speech lessons to enhance your speaking ability. Develop a good posture and learn to walk and sit properly. If you are overweight, start exercising and dieting. Looking slim and fit at all times will reduce the anxiety that you feel about your looks.

Third, start a wholesome hobby. Some of your anxieties come when you have nothing to do. Divert your attention into doing useful things. Knitting, gardening, and reading are some of the activities that you can do at home and which can make you forget about some of your fears.

Fourth, think of the present. Some people suffer from anxieties caused by traumatic past events or for what could happen in the future. A person who has lost his or her loved one in a plane crash could feel anxious about taking an airplane. A single woman in advanced age can feel afraid of the time when she will be too old to care for herself. Instead of worrying, try to forget the past and make concrete plans for the future.

Last, if your case is getting worse each day, it will be best for you to seek professional help. You can have a therapy if you think you need to talk to someone. Join support groups. Letting out of all your fears can greatly help you get rid of your anxiety.

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