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Transitioning from high school to college is difficult on both social and personal levels, but new classes may also feel overwhelming. For many incoming students, college algebra is a hurdle that must be faced. With numbers posing as letters, students can get lost quickly. Doing well in your math class requires some creative learning tools, from traditional tutoring to online videos describing an algebra concept. 

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Enlist Friends 

College algebra help starts with friends. Set up an ad on a local campus bulletin board or talk to other classmates after algebra class. Arrange a meeting once or twice a week to discuss any issues. Putting several heads together allows you to decipher the professor's information and come to logical conclusions. If there are any outstanding questions, the group can email or discuss the problem with the professor. For many classroom situations, a group of confused students could indicate that other people are misunderstanding the concepts, leading to widespread quiz and test failures. Notifying the teacher about specific questions allows them to redirect their lectures to qualify the issue. 

Visual Learners 

Some students are not comfortable with group work. For introverted individuals, there is free college algebra help online. At Acadsoc, there are video lessons regarding almost all college algebra concepts, from beginner to advanced. Acadsoc provides these videos to ensure that every student has a chance at success. For some people, a mathematical concept needs to be explained in a different way. By watching videos of a different teacher's style, the math concept may appear clearer in the student's mind. Videos can be played repeatedly to fully understand the ideas. Pause the video whenever you like to look over notes or expand on a problem. Algebra lectures may go too fast for some learners. 

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Attend Professor Assistant Classes 

For many universities, algebra classes are held in large lecture halls. The main points are covered, but any discussion or in-depth analysis of one particular problem is relegated to another class. Professors' assistants often gain critical experience when they head small classes. Attend these intimate classes held once a week, depending on the school. Because the class size is typically around 30 or 40 people, questions and discussions arise to clear up any concept issues. Students may write and solve problems on the board for everyone to follow and learn from. Once next week's lecture arrives, students have a strong understanding of math concepts to build on. 

Hire A Tutor 

If a small class is not helping your algebra scores, it is time to find a tutor. They often advertise on campus bulletin boards or a professor could recommend one. Tutors can be math graduate students or even seniors. When you sit down with a tutor, explain your confusion surrounding certain topics. They have the experience to understand which concepts you missed. Algebra tends to build on previous topics to solve harder problems. Once your tutor finds the math concept you need, they can build your intellect. Depending on your needs, tutoring may occur once or twice a week. You'll see your test scores improve dramatically. 

Online Resources 

If you don't have a physical tutor nearby that works for your schedule, consider online college algebra help from Acadsoc. Each tutor is well-versed in their particular subject, from English to math. You find a tutor that you feel comfortable with and meet with them through an online portal. Times are flexible, based on each person's availability. With this online platform, you are not limited to a small tutoring group at your school. Expand your algebra concepts with a tutor that has learned the ideas in a different way. With an alternative concept description, algebra may suddenly make sense. Continue working with the tutor until you feel confident to work on your own. 

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Seek out Professor's Office Hours 

For most professors, they must offer office hours to address any student concerns, including academic confusion. Take note of your algebra professor's office hours and attend them. You can ask specific questions about problems and the professor should explain them as thoroughly as possible. However, their explanation may still leave you a bit confused. Convey your confusion in a polite way to the professor. They may have a different way of explaining the information that clears up any issues. Communication is key when it comes to discussing algebra confusion with a professor. They could be under the impression that everyone understood the concept. Informing them of any lecture issues gives them a chance to cover the topic for other students. 

Enhancing Your Algebra Course 

Your School is not the only place to find tutoring help. Go online to websites, including and, to take free online classes. Take other math classes to enhance your algebra understanding. Even take a class at a lower level than algebra. You may find some confusing concepts to be understandable now. These classes expand your mind, allowing you to learn algebra with less frustration. The information you learn in other classes typically applies to your current algebra course. As you set out to class, you'll find epiphany moments during lecture that would otherwise be misunderstood. Knowledge is power, giving you insight that others may not have. 

Online Quizzing 

You may look over concepts and perform practice problems online, but it is critical to test those skills in a quiz or test situation. Take free quizzes at Acadsoc to test your skill application. From word problems to equations, you can tease your mind to bring out the best in your test-taking skills. These practice tests allow you to feel more comfortable with the math content, applying it easily in any classroom atmosphere. You can even see how you stack up to other students. Any missed problems can be evaluated and corrected for better understanding. 

Doing well in algebra requires a mixture of classroom and online resources. Take a look at all these websites to shore up your math skills and pass that next test. Your college transcript will look more appealing to employers if your algebra grade is an "A."

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