How to Find a Job – Five Resources to Help You Find a New Job


Young people who finish high school have the option to go to college or university or to find a job. In advanced countries, this is highly possible because high school students are trained in some special skills in their senior year so that they can start working after finishing high school.

Job hunting could be difficult, especially in countries where there is high unemployment rate. But with globalization and the power of computers and the internet, you can easily apply for jobs with physical offices in other countries but can be performed online. Knowing where to look for the right job is just as important as possessing the knowledge to do the job. Here are the five best resources to help you find a new job.

1. Classified ads section in newspaper. If you are looking for a job in your town or city, your best resource will be the local newspaper. Some think this resource is obsolete already but still many local companies prefer to announce job vacancies in community newspaper with the hope that people who would apply for the job are from the same area. There are many advantages when hiring someone living near the workplace and this is one reason why some establishments make local job announcements.

 2. Public Announcements. Some companies print announcements for job vacancies and post them in public places where many people can see them. If you go job hunting, read those announcements pasted on walls and posts in your city. You might find the right job fit for you. These job vacancies are legitimate and you will be required to make a call, send a resume, or personally visit the office to hand in your application.

3. Friends and acquaintances. A few companies do not advertise job vacancies. Instead, they ask their own employees to recruit applicants. Oftentimes, employees can endorse or recommend someone to be hired.  This hiring practice reduces time spent interviewing many applicants and the difficulty of selecting the person to be hired. On the part of the job seeker, this is advantageous because you won’t have to contend with too many candidates and if you are highly recommended by a trusted company employee, you have a good chance of being hired.

4. Your school. Some companies visit schools to find new employees. Others inform the school about their job vacancies. Schools also offer job placement programs through linking with several companies. Watch out for announcements in the job placement bulletin or visit your career guidance office and ask for updates about job offers from companies.

5. Internet. The internet is one of the best resources when you are looking for a new job. You will find various job sites offering thousands of jobs. The available positions are categorized as to profession, specialization, skills, salary expected, and location. There are full time jobs and part time jobs posted on these sites. Most vacancies are current because once a position is filled; it is removed from the list. Applying for these jobs is usually done online, with the documents scanned and attached to the resume or cover letter.

Nowadays, find a new job has become easier than before. Job vacancies can easily be found and the application process has been simplified because of the internet.

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