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Is your child currently struggling in school? Maybe he or she is having trouble with just one subject, or perhaps there are multiple subjects giving your child a hard time. Regardless of the specifics, the fact remains that you may want to find and hire an experienced and helpful online tutor for your child. This way, he or she can have the best chances engaging with the course material and truly understanding it. The end result to this, of course, is a higher grade in the class. 

Of course, hiring a tutor is not always easy. Fortunately, this article will walk you through a few helpful tips for finding the tutor that is right for your child. After all, not all children have the same learning style, and thus not all tutors may be the ideal choice for your child. 

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1. Identify Problem Areas 

As a parent, you will want to start by identifying your child's biggest problem areas in school. This is probably pretty clear by just glancing at your child's most recent report card or having a conversation with him or her. However, meeting with your child's teachers can also be a good way to learn about specific struggles your child is having in class. For example, perhaps his or her grade in English is low. The teacher may comment that, while your student is a decent enough writers, he or she has trouble when it comes to reading and comprehension. 

2. Set Goals with Your Child 

You should not hire a tutor without first speaking with your child. He or she may be hesitant about the idea, but it is important to explain the importance of working with a tutor to improve his or her understanding of the difficult subject matter. Explain to your child how working with a tutor can be fun and will help to make school less stressful. Once your child seems more open to the idea of working with a tutor, you should sit down with him or her and outline some goals. What do you and your child want to get out of the tutoring sessions? Does your child simply want a better grade in the class? Does he or she want to do well on a particular exam? Are there certain concepts that he or she is struggling with in the class? Taking the time to write these goals down is important, as you will want to share them with potential tutors down the road. 

3. Choose a Tutoring Medium 

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These days, tutors are available not only in person but in asynchronous form online. It will be up to you and your child to decide which option is best for you. If your child is very busy and would have a hard time meeting with a tutor in person due to scheduling conflicts, then online consultations may be the best choice. These sessions are still held in real time, but use video conferencing and tutoring software to conduct the consultation entirely online. For students who do not have much experience with technology or who prefer a true one-on-one consultation, however, it may be best to stick with an in-person meeting. 

4. Interview Prospective Ivy Tutors 

The interview process is very important when choosing a tutor. It is important to not only find somebody who has experience in the specific subject or subjects in which your child is struggling, but to find somebody who has a compatible personality with your child as well. This will help to ensure that the meetings are as productive as possible. When interviewing a potential tutor, start by asking him or her about certification. Ideally, the tutor will be certified in the subject area in which your child needs help. You should also ask what kind of approach the tutor takes with students; does he or she model examples for better understanding? Does he or she walk the student through a problem? Make sure that, whatever approach the tutor takes, it is compatible with your child's learning style. Finally, if budget is a concern, you will also want to inquire as to the tutor's rates and availability. Most tutors these days charge by the hour, but this is not always the case. You will also want to present yours and your child's goals to the tutor at this time to see how he or she responds. 

5. Set up a Schedule 

Once you have chosen a tutor and gotten your child's approval, it is time to set up a schedule to meet with the tutor. Most parents decide on a certain number of hours per week. Once the hours are arranged, you will likely need to sign some paperwork and then your child will be set to work with the tutor. At this time, the tutor should also have a plan in place for how to achieve your child's goals and a timeline in which to do make it happen. 

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6.Costs and Considerations 

If you are thinking about hiring a tutor for your child, there is a chance that cost is a concern. This is understandable. After all, the average cost of online tutoring can be $50 per hour or more, depending on where you live and what subject your child needs help with.

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Ivy Tutoring sets itself apart from other tutoring services out there by having a team of hundreds of elite tutors from 20 of the top American Ivy League schools. No matter what subject your child needs help with, an elite tutor will be able to work with him or her. After all, these elite tutors have taken Ivy League courses and have plenty of experience as tutors, so they know what it takes to tailor their sessions to any learning style. 

If you are looking for the best tutor for your child, go with an elite tutor who has taken Ivy League courses. Turn to the experts at Ivy League Tutoring for the most reasonable rates and best results.

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