How to Prepare for Your SAT Test


Students preparing for the Scholastic Assessment Test or SAT have been in search for a formula that will help them pass this test and be admitted to accredited universities and colleges in the country. Here are some tips that are tested and proven to be effective in helping test takers pass the examination.

First, keep on practicing. There is an old saying that says “practice makes perfect” and this is true when it comes to SAT examinations. By taking practice tests that are similar to the actual examination, you can familiarize yourself with the type of test questions that you will encounter. When you practice, time yourself in order to gauge your speed. Many test takers find themselves too tired to continue after two hours of sitting down and cracking of their brains for the right answers. The SAT test takes 3 hours and 45 minutes and there is no break in between. Training yourself to remain alert within that time period could be a challenge if you have not been used to sitting down and concentrating for such a long time. The trial tests will improve your endurance and will let you learn to manage your time when taking the test.

Second, develop techniques in answering reading comprehension questions. Answer first questions for specific information and those in which the number of the line (e.g. Line 3) where the answers can be found is given. After answering these, go to the difficult ones. By then, you are already familiar with the passage, and thus it will be easy to answer the more challenging questions. Learn how to skim and scan long passages for relevant information to increase your speed in answering this type of test.

Third, read newspaper and other materials that contain current and up-to-date information on various topics. The exercise will help you increase your reading speed and will expose you to various topics which will likely be given as reading passages in the examination.

Fourth, practice writing by following a certain structure and organization style. Develop a simple and easy-to-follow outline that you can apply to any kind of topic. It is like preparing a template that you can use during the day of the examination. Learn to make clear thesis statements and choose the most appropriate supporting details.

Fifth, memorize rules, laws, and formulas. Rules and laws will make it faster for you to solve problems while being able to write the formula from memory will give you the confidence to take the math portion of the tests. In addition, know how to use your calculator in problem solving. This will save you time, which you will need for other parts of the test. Mastering grammar rules will also help you easily find the correct answers for sentence completion questions.

Sixth, get a list of the common words that had come out in previous SAT examinations. Study them and learn their usage so that you will be able to give the correct answers for the vocabulary part of the test.

Last, spend your time wisely. There’s no use spending a dozen minutes mulling over a difficult item. Since this is a multiple choice type of test, eliminate choices that are obviously wrong to narrow down your options. Then, make a good guess so as not to leave any questions unanswered.

Preparing yourself physically for the test is also important. Ensuring that you are in top form during the SAT examination will help you remain energetic during the examination.

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