How to book a Single Lesson and make payment?


Before booking any lesson, Please confirm that you have enough AC in your account to pay for your order. Top up AC if you do not have sufficient balance. Also, make sure you have your payment password set


To book and purchase a Single Lesson:

  1. Click Book class time(s) or directly select the time slot(s) for the class (see FIG. 1). Note: If the tutor has turned on Best Offer, you can see Make an offer the booking button. Click it to offer another class price to the tutor. 
  2. Choose class times from the calendar on the left. Then click on the green box showing the total amount of AC in the prompt box to proceed (see FIG. 2). Note: Make sure you have set a correct time zone before booking it. Click on the pen icon next to the time zone to make changes. 
  3. You will be directed to your shopping cart. Check the details especially the class time of the Single Lesson that you are about to purchase. Click Checkout>>. If you have any questions you want to ask the tutor before purchasing it, click on Contact the tutor to send the tutor a message (see FIG. 3)
  4. Confirm the price and select AC payment or Online payment (see FIG. 4). Then enter the payment password and confirm the payment. 
  5. If you would like to leave it for the moment, and come back to pay later, you may see an Order Reminder in the bottom right of any page (see FIG. 4). Unpaid order(s) can also be found in Dashboard > Pending payment (see FIG. 5).  

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