How to rate and leave comment for a Course?


After you confirmed the class in your Booking Summary, you will be led to a rating page (see FIG. 1).


First, you need to “Rate this course”. There are five stars which symbolize ratings from 1 to 5. Click on the star(s) to give your rating. "One-star-only" is the lowest rating while a full five-star is the top rating.


Then you need to write your feelings about the course in the text box below "Please tell other students about this course". (You cannot submit the rating without filling in this blank, otherwise the submission will not be successful. If you try to skip this part and submit your rating, the system will prompt you to finish this part first.)

The next step is to rate the tutor from four aspects: Teaching, Attitude, Punctuality, and Value. As is stated above, you can click on the star(s) to give your ratings. 1-star is the lowest and 5-star is the highest.

After the foregoing steps are done, click on “Submit” and you now have submitted your rating. There is an "Anonymous rating" function on the right of the "Submit" button. If you tick in the selection box, your rating and comment will be displayed anonymously in the comments of this course.


You are not compelled to rate the single lesson or course immediately after confirming the class. You can later go to Learning > Booking summary and check the order that needs to be rated. For a single lesson, click on “Ratings” (see FIG. 2) to do the foregoing steps.  For a course, first click on the status "Not rated" (see FIG. 3), and then on the details page,  click on "Ratings" (See FIG. 4).

Please note that if you do not rate the course within 7 days after you confirmed the class, the system will automatically give a positive comment to the tutor.


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