How to request refund as a student?


You can request a refund if the tutor failed to show up at the scheduled class time or you were unsatisfied with the tutorial. Upon receiving your refund request, the tutor may accept or reject the request. If the tutor rejects your refund request, you may consider raising a dispute to Acadsoc Customer Support for arbitration. (You can request a refund before the class begins, but the tutor is likely to reject your request.)

To request a refund:

For a Single Lesson, go to Learning > SINGLE LESSON and find the order that you want a refund for:

  1. Select "Request a refund" from the drop-down menu by clicking on the triangle under the "Action" bar.
  2. Fill out and submit the refund reason.
  3. Wait for the tutor to deal with the request. If the tutor agrees to refund, the AC will be returned to the student’s account immediately; if the tutor rejects to refund, you may consider raising a dispute to Acadsoc by clicking on "Open a refund dispute" in your Booking Summary.

For a Course, go to Learning > COURSE, and click on the "View Order Details" button on the right of the course title. Then you can click on "Request refund" in the detail page. The following process is the same as that of a single lesson. Please note that you can request a refund before completing all the classes, but once you make a refund request, you are requesting a refund for the whole course and you will not be able to complete the remaining classes of the course. (We are still making adjustment to this regulation, and this piece of instruction will be updated when the regulation is renewed.)

For detailed operations, please read: How to request a refund?

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