How to respond to students' comments?


After your student confirmed the class, rated the course and left you a comment, you can respond to him/her and also leave a comment.


You can find the Single Lesson/Course that requires a rating response in Booking Summary. Click "Respond" to proceed (see FIG. 1). 

You can also go to Dashboard and click on "Rating response required" to proceed (see FIG. 2).


On the "Respond to the rating" page, the first line displayed is the rating your student gave you and his/her comment. 

  1. Choose a smiley under "Respond to the rating".
        Green: you are satisfied with the student's performance in class (a positive comment).
        Yellow: the student's performance in class was just fair (a neutral comment).
        Red: you are unhappy with the student's performance (a negative comment).
  2. Provide more detailed comments in the box below. You are required to complete this field; submission will be unsuccessful otherwise. 
  3. Click on “Confirm” and your response is not submitted.

(FIG. 1 )

(FIG. 2 )

(FIG. 3 )

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