How to search for a course?


Click Learn on the top of any Acadsoc page.

With reference to the picture below. 

  1. You are directed to Academic Subjects of your country by default. 
    Click on Academic Subjects to select other categories (Languages, Skills) or subcategories. 
    Click on the country name to select other countries. 
    Enter keyword for course title or tutor's username and click search to find specific class. 
  2. Refine search results by date, time, format, level, tutoring language, method, whether the tutor has provided a video introduction in his listing, Free Trial, Best Offer, tutor's experience, location, the university the tutor attended and the level of tutor's education. 
    Note: Be sure to select the right time zone you are in before you search by date and time. 
  3. Select whether you want to view all classes, only Single Lessons, only Course, or only Instant Lessons. 
  4. Select what type of qualifications the tutor should hold. The tutor can be a Professional Tutor, a Graduate Tutor, or a Society Tutor. 
    Professional Tutor: a degree holder with teaching certificate
    Graduate Tutor: a degree holder
    Society Tutor: Acadsoc has created several societies to gather qualified tutors, such as Ivy League & Top 20 Universities Tutor Club and Go9 + Top 20 Tutor Club. 
  5. Sort class listings according to ratings, time listed, price, response rate, number of views, or ending time. 

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