How to Set Up Your Own Internet Business as an Online Tutor


Are you a working mother who wants to devote her time to her family without losing income? Or are you a fresh graduate who is a victim of high unemployment rate in your country? Do you have the skills needed to teach elementary or high school students? If you are, then, you can set up your own internet business as an online tutor.

An online tutorial business is easy to set up. Here are the basic steps that you can take:

1. Have an excellent internet service connection. Your connection must be stable and it should be free from disruptions and interference. You and your students need a smooth flow of interaction; a fast internet speed is what you need most.

2. Choose a subject or area to concentrate on. Select a subject which you are highly knowledgeable of or  is related to your course. Study the course content of the area you want to concentrate on. Prepare teaching materials and learning activities in advance and think about how you can easily share them with your students.

Make assessment tests and test items for daily quizzes based on the lessons that you have prepared. Gather as many materials and references as you can because many students will ask you to help them answer essay-type homework or explain to them the step-by-step procedures. Preparing in advance for these contingencies will contribute to your reputation as a tutor.

3. Find a suitable tutoring website. This website must be easy to navigate and allow you to post all your learning materials and lessons. Students can easily sign in for their tutorial classes. Moreover, the registration process must be easy and can be completed quickly. Clients are also expected to be able to make payments using universally accepted modes of payment like credit cards, PayPal and other online banking systems.

4. Start marketing your tutorial business. You can use traditional methods of marketing such as visiting schools in your locality to introduce your online tutorial business. You can also distribute flyers, post announcements, or advertise using streamers and billboards.

Online advertising can be an effective way of promoting your online business. These are some of the effective methods of online advertising that you can use:

  • Advertising through social media networks

You can use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media networks to promote your online business. With millions of people having accounts in these networks, you can easily advertise your business without spending a single penny.

  • Email campaign

Send emails to your friends and ask for referrals. Introduce your business to the readers and include details that they want to know, such as your qualifications, subjects that you can handle, pricing, schedule, and most importantly where you are tutoring at so they can find you.

  • Registering in business directories online

You can have your online tutoring business listed in business directories online. People who look for tutorial services will be able to find you easily.

  • Google AdWords

This is an advertising platform that will enable you to make text advertisements and place them on websites with related content or on search engine results.

  • Blogs

There are bloggers who offer hosting services for people engaged in online tutorial business.

Follow these simple steps and you will find starting your online tutoring business easy, exciting, and profitable.

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