How to Write a Good Resume When You Have No Work Experience


When you are hunting for a job, the most important thing that you need to make your application get noticed by the hiring manager is a well-written resume. Through the information found in your resume, the employer will determine if you possess the knowledge, skills, experience, and attitude that will make you a valuable member of the company. Experienced job-seekers have no problem making their resume. In fact, they have to highlight only their most relevant experience so as not to make it very long.  But what if you are just a fresh graduate or a housewife who just find out that you need a job? How can you write impressive curriculum vitae (CV)? Here are some tips to write a resume even if you have no job experience at all.

First, list down your skills or anything you are good at including those that are not related to the job you are applying for. Opposite each skill, write a short sentence describing how you have used your skill to benefit others. If you do well in baking, you might have contributed to a fund raising activity in your community by making baked products for people. Or you might have organized such a fund raising activity for victims of natural calamities.

Second, quantify your contributions to any activities you were involved in. Hiring managers or future employees are always on the look out for figures, which is a specific measure of your achievements. For instance, mention how much money was raised in a fund raising activity you participated in. This will give them a clear picture of how much you have achieved.

Third, give the recruitment staff a clear image of the kind of person you are by filling in the section that asks you to enumerate your talents and hobbies.. There are some job positions that can be filled only by people who are outgoing and who love to socialize. If you have these traits, give a short detail of how it can be useful for the position you want. Moreover, there are employers who are looking for people whose talents or hobbies align with the kind of business the company has. What you think as trivial information may as well enable you to land a good job.

Aside from these things to include in your resume, decide how to outline those details. If you are a newly-graduated, present your educational background first starting with the most recent. If you have received honors and awards while in college, include them. In addition, list down the school organizations that you had been affiliated with, your position, and your outstanding contribution to the organization. If you have attended workshops, trainings, and conferences, or have done any volunteer work, list them down along with the date, venue, and the organizing or sponsoring agency. Although you were not compensated for these activities, the skills and knowledge you acquired from them can be useful when you are looking for a paid job.

Remember that all executives had once submitted their curriculum vitae before they had the work experience needed for the job and yet, they were given the job and had gone up the ranks. Start making a list of all that you can offer to the company where you will apply, and do your best to write an attention-grabbing resume—even with 0 years of working experience!


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