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Have you ever wonder what Math really is? Look up various Math help websites and you will be surprised. To me, Math brings that ‘Aha!’ moment when I solve a mathematics problem and realize that it’s so much more than numbers, shapes and equations! Math is everywhere….from the time we wake up until we sleep.

Math isn’t easy and as a learner studying Math, I needed help solving Math problems. When I was studying in college, Google wasn’t around and nor were there any Math help websites, not as lucky as today’s generation.

The question is, where should I look for help?

math help

With every household having a computer and internet connection nowadays, most problems can be solved with Math help websites! All we have to do is to look up various Math help websites and get immediate help, “as easy as 1, 2, 3”…

There are many ways to solve a particular Mathematical problem. Don’t lose hope if you can’t comprehend immediately. Just stay with your problem longer, work and re-work so you get enough practice and I promise you, the “Aha moment” isn’t far.

As school- going or college students, you will encounter Math. It is an integral part of the curriculum and you have little choice. Why not make it fun and enjoyable? Follow these simple steps and get going:

The most important part in solving a problem is to understand the problem. Take your time to read and re-read the question.

You need to figure out what is being asked!

Once you have done that, it’s just a matter of technique/ formulas. So you know that the answer can be deduced using what has been covered in class or in the textbooks (if you have had enough practice, you will know!)

Often times, teachers will frame the same question in different ways. Think about the use of words. If a problem says, 

total/sum/how many in all/absolute quantity, etc., all these mean the same thing. Addition!


What about divisibility of a number? Did you know there are rules for divisibility? Check for these rules on Math help websites and make a note of these in your book.


For example: 32163663(such a big number ! )

Answer:     The rule of divisibility says that a number is divisible by 3 if the sum of its digits is divisible by 3.

             Hence, 3+2+1+6+3+6+6+3 = 30. We know that 30 is divisible by 3, as a result, the number above is divisible by 3 !


 There are tips and tricks to help make your Math journey easier. Look for Math help online


Apply the formula/logic to the problem. Check if your answer is correct. If not, get help from Math help websites.

Remember to frame your question correctly, while looking for help with Math online.


Last but not the least, everyday practice is a must. Even if it is only for 20 minutes a day, practice will definitely help you get that 'A+' on your score card.

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