Is Talent Important to Excel in a Certain Field?


Talent is defined as a natural skill or aptitude to easily do something that is difficult for others to do. Painting, singing, dancing, acting, and writing are talents because not all people can do them as easily or perfectly as those who are gifted with such natural skills.

Do all people have talent? This question will elicit a negative response since not all people possess special skills. Is talent important to excel in a certain field? To this question, the answer could be yes. There are certain endeavors that only those who are blessed with the natural ability to do them can achieve. Here are some fields where talent plays a vital role.


If you study the life story of famous painters like Leonardo Da Vinci, you will find that they possessed an inborn talent to paint. Most of them showed an aptitude for this skill at a young age. They were not taught by masters at the beginning. It was only later that they were given guidance by those who excelled in the same field. Determination and perseverance are important but without talent, a person who loves painting cannot have fame the way those born with the talent can have.


It is common to hear people say “I love music but music does not love me” and there is truth in it. You can take vocal training as long as you want to but if you are not born with an excellent singing voice, you are not likely to reach the heights that talented singers such as Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston are able to reach. It is true that strong wills and tenacity are needed but no amount of these can make up for the lack of talent when it comes to singing.


All people can write but only a few can write a piece that people will not get tired of reading. The works of William Shakespeare, Leo Tolstoy, and other writers of the era have been immortalized not because of their excellent grammar and style but because of the brilliance by which these men had depicted through words the lives of their characters during that period. Long-term practice may help people write good works but it is talent that makes their work remembered and loved.

Playing the Piano or Other Musical Instruments

Children of the rich are usually made to learn how to play at least one kind of musical instrument, which is considered a symbol of status. These children are taught by tutors, yet, despite the many hours they spend on the instrument, only a few ended up good enough to play in public and a handful become great musicians. In fact, some of the famous pianists never had any formal training; some play by the ears without using a musical score but because they have a penchant for it, they become successful pianists or composers.

These are but a few of the areas where talent is the most important ingredient for success. Other practical endeavors will require determination and perseverance more than talent to become successful in them.

In conclusion, there are areas where talent is vital for one’s success while there are fields where perseverance and determination are enough to reach the top. While talent can bring you fame, there are many instances in which diligence and hard work will bring you a good life.

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