Five Creative Ways to Help Your Child Learn English Online


If English is not your native language, you know the difficulty of functioning in a country where everyone speaks English. Working, shopping, and driving can be challenging when you are struggling to learn a language. You may still have trouble with the intricacies of English even if you have worked in America for some time. 

This is even more true for children. They must attend school with teachers and peers that speak only English. This can be intimidating to a child who wants badly to fit in but feels like he is different somehow. Sadly, language barriers can even make them the object of teasing during neighborhood play. 

Some added hindrances are the complexity of English rules and the specific application in America. Many terms used in other English-speaking countries are unheard of in the United States. 

The higher the education pursued by your child, the more complex the terms become. If your child does not have a good grasp on the English language, it can affect his learning in the United States


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Fortunately, there are several ways your child can learn English online. This eliminates many of the psychological and emotional barriers he may encounter in a classroom setting. The earlier he learns a second language, the better he will be able to speak it fluently. Here are a few tips to help your child excel while learning online:

1. Online tutoring is an effective tool to learn English online.

While some learn English by hiring a tutor, this can be expensive and time consuming. Traveling to and from tutoring sessions and arranging schedules to make the time for tutoring is exhausting. Many people are searching how to learn English online have found tutoring in the privacy of one's home to be the best option.

There are many online tutors available to teach your child English. They represent a range of educational backgrounds and teach students of all ages from elementary school to adults. You may even be able to learn alongside your child if you have not yet mastered the English language.

One helpful site to connect your child with the best tutor for them is Acadsoc. You can select the tutor according to your own specifications for training and schedule classes with them. Everything is done online so no travel is necessary. Your child will learn in an online classroom and be able to interact with the teacher to enhance his learning experience. Learning English online can truly be a simple process!

2. Online exposure to English-speaking friends is excellent practice.

While a tutor can help your child learn correct English speech, your child also wants to be able to communicate with his native English-speaking friends. Children speak much differently than adults! Of course you want your child to learn proper grammar and rules. However, he will be able to function much better at school and later at work when he knows how the average person actually talks in America. 

A great way to learn American English online is through social media. If your child is old enough to have an e-mail account or join sites such as Facebook, he will get an idea of how Americans his age speak in everyday life. When the parent is involved and this is closely supervised, it can be a great way for him to practice the language he is learning. 

Many of the expressions Americans use are confusing when translated to other languages. Prepare him for the possibility that he will make an error. Teach him how to laugh at himself and move on. He will make mistakes while learning. Chances are his friends would make the same errors if trying to learn his language!

3. Games help your child learn American English online.

Another effective tool for learning American English is playing games. There is a wide variety of them online, and many of them are social as well. Choose games your child loves to keep up his interest. If possible, allow him to play with others for the added bonus of social interaction in English. Games such as Minecraft encourage learning and also promote camaraderie among players.

Depending on the age of your child, you may be able to use early reading programs such as This is a popular resource for native English speakers to learn phonics and may be attractive to your child as well.

Some educational television shows provide episodes and corresponding games online. Many of them promote diversity in ethnic backgrounds so your child can see he is not the only non-native English speaker in the country. You may even be able to find a show with a combination of your child's native language and American English


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4. Finding other learners gives your child encouragement.

While interaction with native English speakers is crucial, your child may appreciate a space where he can share his struggles and speak his native language. If your whole family can learn together, it will be beneficial to him. Practicing at the dinner table or while riding in the car makes it a fun experience and gives the family a common goal. 

It would also be very helpful to find other students your child's age trying to learn English as a second language. Check with your child's school teacher to see if she knows of other students in your child's situation. If there are no groups like this available in your area, you may want to start one yourself. Do a search for online study groups as well.

These groups of students participating in English learning online can study together, but it may be helpful to your child to just have a safe place to speak his native language. Learning the language of the country where he lives is important, but you do not want him to forget his roots either. 

If the other children learning English have different ethnic backgrounds than your child does, he may even get exposure to a third language! A young child can easily memorize and learn languages. You may find your child learns much more than you expected. 

5. Reduce negative influences for your child while learning English online. 

Unfortunately, your child will encounter children with prejudices or who make themselves feel more secure by making fun of those they perceive as different from them. This is a part of life every child must learn to counteract. 

As much as possible remove him from situations where children will tease him for his language difference. Online relationships can be easily abandoned by removing them from your child's contact or friend lists. 

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