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Almost every person loves music and wants to learn playing an instrument at a certain extent. While some people aren't able to take some time off, others don’t want to spend money on expensive classes. Fortunately, if you want to learn piano, there’s a perfect alternative. You can simply sign up for one of the online piano classes and start learning piano online with piano experts.


Taking piano lessons online is very convenient and simple. Some websites even offer free lessons and exceptional tools and resources to help every student individually. In order to help you understand the scope of online piano classes, we've gathered some crucial information and included it in this guide. We hope it will help you develop a strong interest towards learning music.

Benefits of Online Piano Classes

Own Pace and Time - Online piano classes allow you to learn at your own pace. You don’t have to wait for a week for the next assignment. You can also take as much time as you need to understand a specific lesson. You will not be rushed into anything. Moreover, you won’t be paying for the same lesson again.


Exceptional Support - With online classes, you’re able to receive answers to all your doubts and questions. You will have faster and better access to various learning tools like audio, text files and videos. You won’t have to remember what your teacher said in the last lesson. You can simply access these tools whenever you want.


Boost Self-Discipline & Confidence - When you learn piano online, you’re monitoring yourself. Therefore, you’re able to boost self-discipline and self-confidence. You get a chance to become independent. Your own judgment will decide when a song is acceptable or not. You will not have to rely on someone to tell you whether you've passed.


Better Interaction - Online classes allow better interaction with students from almost every part of the world. You will also have year-round opportunity to express and perform your songs or share them with your friends online.

Getting Started with Online Piano Lessons


Once you've determined your skill level, it becomes important to take a look at various online piano lessons. Although you can easily find a bunch of piano lessons on the internet, it is always better to explore free lessons first. There is a very good possibility that you’ll learn the same kind of techniques and skills through free classes as you would through paid lessons. You need to choose a website that provides lessons according to your skill level. It is also important to find a section which challenges your ability with new and innovative concepts. However, you need to make sure you set realistic goals. If you try to jump into an advanced level too soon, it may be very discouraging.


High quality classes are always well-organized with crystal clear objectives. These objectives should be very easy to read and understand. Most of the time, the best websites have lessons which focus on just a couple of concepts at a time. These lessons are provided on the website in small segments. This allows you to practice basic concepts before you proceed to the next lesson. Reading and understanding theoretical matter will make you a much better player in future. Therefore, you need to look for online lessons which include multiple pieces and exercises to play while you learn piano online. When you put concepts into practice, you will be encouraged and motivated to continue lessons even when they get difficult.


Some of the best online classes are self-paced. This means whenever you feel ready, you’re able to move back to the previous lesson or move on to the next lesson. Due to this, you’re able to work through lessons according to your own ability. You will not be tied up with a predetermined rate. Most importantly, the muscles in your fingers will need some time to acclimate to some new skills you’re trying to learn. Therefore, you need to make sure you keep practicing. Regardless of the quality of an online piano class, you’ll be unable to learn if you don’t practice.


Popular Websites to Learn Piano Online


Acadsoc - Online piano tutors with up to 7 years of teaching experiences who have passed the Grade 8 in Piano Performing are available. They teach courses online in various languages including English, French, Chinese mandarin and Cantonese. Even if you are a green hand with no knowledge or experience of piano playing, you can choose a class for beginners, in which you will start from the very beginning: learn to read notes, position your finger, and learn more about music theories. If you are an experienced learner, you can request the tutor to tailor the course for you based on your level and abilities. While having class with Acadsoc tutors, you will feel like you’re sitting beside a real piano teacher with a lot of experience. You can always request for a trial lesson with the tutor before committing to taking the course. By using Acadsoc's tutoring tool, you can record the entire interaction between you and the tutor during the lesson, so you can revise and practice based on your weaknesses and go back to the previous lesson whenever you would like to. Free sign up now !

Piano online tutoring

Zebra Keys - Most experts consider it to be one of the best websites for learning piano online. Lessons are easy to understand and follow. The best part is that every lesson article contains a built in interactive piano keyboard to help you practice simultaneously. Every key on the keyboard is clearly laid out. Underneath every key, you can see the letter for each note. It makes it easier for you to learn which note goes with which key. When you’ve tried some lessons, you will want to play a song. Zebra Keys provides you with a virtual keyboard with all chords and notes displayed.

online piano course zerakeys

Another useful resource on this website is a list of trainer tools. These can easily help students enhance their knowledge and understanding of music. Students can learn from many different tools like note trainer, interval ear trainer, keyboard trainer, chord ear trainer and scale ear trainer.


PianoNanny - This is a rare site which offers detailed piano lessons. Every session on the website will include keyboard images and text to help you learn and understand what the teacher talks about. It features 10 advanced, 11 intermediate and 13 starter lessons. 


Online Piano Courses PianoNanny

PianoNanny allows students to take notes when a lesson is being played. There is another mini app that allows you to polish your skills. When you press notes on the virtual keyboard, the website displays the note. This helps you remember the position of every note.


BerkleeShares - This website was established in 2003 by the Berklee College of Music. Besides piano lessons, this website also offers guitar, bass, brass and DJ lessons. The Keyboard section on the website contains 12 lessons in PDF and YouTube video formats. Every video is about two minutes.


Online Piano Courses BerkleeShares

BerkleeShares offers short lessons. Most people get annoyed by constant display of advertisements for paid features. However, the free tips and content on this website is very useful. It offers information to help with a better understanding of music, but you will still need help from some other resources to play better.


Using online resources to learn piano is of course a good idea, but few people can achieve great success in playing an instrument without the instruction of a professional tutor. Therefore, it will be a great way combining the two manners: learn how to play the piano with an online tutor

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