Learning Algebra on Your Phone/Tablet: Math Apps


Tens of thousands of 8th graders are stuck at their Algebra learning process. They try to seek help in more reference books, while the reference books with only abstruse texts in turn make them more exhausted. Are you still relying on traditional books and paper-and-pen methods to learn algebra? It's high time that you tried something new and of fun, and rid yourself from the burden of your school work.


As almost everyone is carrying an iPhone, iPad, or any other smart phones using an android system with him or her every day, here we recommend some interesting and effective Math Apps which you may download from online App store and start to use right away. With these Apps on your phone or tablet, you can learn algebra by playing games, a way that is far more entertaining and easy than burying your head in books and papers.


1.       Algebra Card Clutter

(Price: FREE)


There are 14 levels. Your goal is to touch the cards from the lowest value to the highest as quickly as possible. There is a time limit for each level, and an incorrect guess will add a 30-second time penalty. If you run over the limited time, you'll have to retake the level.

This App helps you understand the relative value of numbers by setting cards in order with face value (which may range from negative fractions to absolute numbers). You will learn to identify natural numbers, integers, fractions, decimals, square roots, and exponents, which are frequently mistaken in equation solving.


2.       Alge-Bingo

(Price: $0.99)


There are 13 levels, in which you are supposed to start with the most basic equation all the way to multi-step equations. You can choose from various bingo games such as straight line and multi-patterns.

This App is particularly suitable for Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1 students, while it is also a good practice App for Algebra 2 and Pre-Calculus students and even SAT/ACT Prep students.


3.       Diamond Factor

       (Price: FREE)


This App helps you factor trinomials (e.g.: x2+8+16) by using a diamond. You will practice from trinomials with small and positive coefficients to those with larger and negative or decimal coefficients. You can select the Game mode, which records your accuracy and time to allow you to compete with others.


4.       DragonBox Algebra 12+

(Price: $9.99)


It is for ages 12–17. There are 10 chapters (357 puzzles in total). In each puzzle, there is a play area with two sides, and you are expected to use special cards (each has math rule) to segregate the square DragonBox to keep it alone on one side. The cards are introduced in visual tutorials which show their rules, and you need to add or combine cards to isolate the DragonBox, which actually is to solve the x in an equation. In the puzzles you will learn addition, division, multiplication, parentheses, positive and negative signs, addition of fractions, collection of like terms, factorization, substitution and other algebra concepts.


When you are busy searching "algebra", "geometry", "math" and key words alike in Google or Yahoo, don't forget to also have a go in the App Store on your phone or tablet. Apps can be great education resources for people in these days.

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