Speedy Methods for Learning Japanese


Learning a new language can be difficult, frustrating and time-consuming. These factors can increase if the language must be learned at an accelerated pace. However, there are many useful resources and tools available that make learning a new language much easier. 

The Japanese language can be difficult to learn including parts of speech, word order, and vocabulary. The Japanese language is also macro-to-micro, which means the most important words are arranged first although foreign phrases are translated in the word order of that language. The four key factors that are important for beginners learning Japanese: writing style, dialects and politeness, pronunciation, and levels of speech. 


Japanese Writing

The Japanese writing style consist of three specific categories. Kanji are thousands of Chinese characters, and Hiragana and Katakana consist of 46 characters each. There are two ways to write in Japanese. The Western style is made up of characters in horizontal rows from the top of the page to the bottom. Traditional Japanese style are characters in vertical columns from the left side of the page to the right side. 

Dialects and Politeness - The Way to Learn Japanese Fast

The Japanese language places a specific emphasis on dialects and politeness. There are four levels of politeness in the Japanese language: 

• Vulgar
• Plain
• Polite
• Horrific

The levels of politeness used in conversation are determined by the speaker and the listener. There are also many dialects in the Japanese language, but beginners usually study the standard language. 

Pronunciation - The Basis to Learn to Speak Japanese

The pronunciation of the Japanese language only consist of a few sounds, so this usually is not a problem for beginners. The biggest problems that beginners encounter, when learning to speak Japanese, is the accent and tones. The Japanese language also has many homonyms, which are words pronounced the same way with different definitions. 

Levels of Speech - How to Learn Japanese Fast

The Japanese language uses different levels of speech in conversation. There are words or expressions that are used for superiors and strangers, which are different from the words and expressions used around family members and friends. Keigo is a language level that is still used in formal occasions. 

What is Your Learning Style?

It is important for beginners to determine their language style, as this is an important factor in learning a language at an accelerated pace. There are many resources available that will suite every learning style. For visual learners, books and flashcards can be great tools to learn Japanese quickly. Audio learners will learn Japanese faster if they use music or podcasts. Social learners would benefit from learning through conversation, so practicing with a partner would be a great option for social learners. 

Books - The Way to Learn Japanese Free

If you want to learn Japanese quickly, then language workbooks, textbooks, and storybooks are great resources to study Japanese. It is important to take note of the characters or words you do not know, then you define them after you are finished reading. A book for beginners is the Japanese-English dictionary. According to Amazon, other popular books for beginners areJapanese From Zero and Japanese the Manga Way.

Language Instruction Software

Language instruction software is a great tool for learning a new language. The two major language instruction software companies are Tell Me More and Rosetta Stone. Although language instruction software is a great tool that provides an interactive environment, the software programs can be expensive. 

Speaking Partners

It can be beneficial to practice speaking Japanese with partners for many reasons. If you have a speaking partner, you can practice speaking Japanese in dialogue. The Japanese tones can be difficult for beginners to understand, so practicing dialogue will expose beginners to the different tones of the Japanese language. This is also a perfect opportunity for beginners to practice pronunciation, which is also a difficult aspect of the Japanese language. 

Audio - Learning Japanese Language

Using audio resources, such as music or podcasts, are great ways to learn Japanese quickly. This will expand vocabulary in beginners, and audio also helps beginners learn the tone of the Japanese language. It is important to take notes while listening to audio, because you can write down unfamiliar words and look them up after the audio is complete. Japanese Audio Lessons offer great audio files that can be downloaded to electronic devices. 


Apps - Learn Japanese for Free

Most people have smart phones, tablets, and computer devices that have downloadable apps that are designed to help beginners learn Japanese. These apps are convenient, because beginners can access them quickly and easily through their electronic device. These apps are usually free or cost very little, which make apps an inexpensive way to learn Japanese quickly. A few popular Japanese apps are Human Japanese and Japanese Flip. 

Online Classes - Learning Lapanese Online

There are many classes online that teach beginning Japanese. These online classes are usually inexpensive or free in cost, and provide an abundance of resources to help beginners learn Japanese quickly. These classes are offered in group or individual lessons, and most classes are taught by professional Japanese teachers. Acadsoc and Verbalplanet are great online educational websites that provide excellent learning opportunities.

Additional Japanese Learning Tips

There are other quick tips that can help beginners learn to speak Japanese quickly. If you shop at Japanese stores or eat at Japanese restaurants, then place your order in Japanese. Television, such as cartoons and children’s shows, can also be helpful to beginners. Many of cartoons in Japanese have an option to read subtitles in your native language. Flashcards can also be another quick and easy way to learn Japanese, and flashcards are great for visual learners. Japanese tutors can also be a great option for learning Japanese. Japanese tutors can provide individual attention to beginners. 

There are many benefits to learning a new language, and the resources that are available can make it an enjoyable and easy experience. The online, innovative learning methods make learning Japanese an interactive way to communicate with native speakers and professional teachers. With the many options that are available, anyone can learn how to speak Japanese. 

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