Online learning for kids: Best tools for every subject


It's not unusual for kids to need extra help outside of the classroom. In some cases, teachers are overwhelmed and overworked, and you may have to step in as a parent. However, you may have a busy schedule of your own. If you find that you are unable to put in significant time in order to provide support for your child's education, you need to look at alternative solutions. One such solution can be provided by resources on the internet. There are online resources, such as interactive study guides, instructional videos, educational games and virtual tutors for kids that can help with every subject. 

Math learning for kids on the internet 

Many kids find themselves disinterested in math, and it can be hard to provide the proper motivation as a parent or guardian. What's more, teachers often struggle to teach math in an engaging way, and the classroom materials themselves may do little to animate the subject. The internet is home to a wide range of websites that offer math help for kids. Most importantly, there are websites that offer helpful content that is also engaging and entertaining. Many web applications feature math games with characters familiar to children. These games can bring out the competitive spirit in kids while teaching them a thing or two about important math concepts. Problem solvers are another type of web application that can be valuable to children struggling in math. These applications can calculate a variety of different problems on the spot, providing the correct answer if the equation has been entered properly. 

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Typing lessons for kids 

Many parents and teachers struggle to get kids to use proper typing techniques. Most children gravitate towards the "hunting and pecking" style of typing, which is ultimately slow and inefficient. However, there are many web applications that can act as a typing tutor for kids. Some of these web applications are game-like and offer short competitions that will motivate your child to increase their typing speed and accuracy. First person graphics will help your child learn the home-row position, and there is often a guiding narrative voice that will assist your child in correcting any mistakes. 

Online reading and writing help for kids 

Many kids are reluctant to practice their reading and writing, but in some cases, they just need a bit of extra inspiration. The internet is filled with dynamic learning tools that can bring any subject to life. For example, a kid struggling with reading comprehension may benefit from an instructional video. These videos offer step-by-step instructions in a kid-friendly way. In many cases, they feature eye-catching graphics, music and sound effects. All of these extra bells and whistles can really contribute to online learning for kids. While a book features static words on a page, online resources can stimulate multiple senses at once. 

General subject tutors 

If your child is struggling with several subjects, and they are not making much headway with the aforementioned internet resources, an online tutor may be able to provide the necessary assistance. Online tutors work in a manner similar to in-person tutors, but they do not need to be physically present to offer their services. Tutoring sessions are held online through a video chat program. This form of tutoring for kids is often more affordable than in-person tutoring, and the experience is just as beneficial for the child. The tutor will provide one-on-one assistance, answer any questions that come up, and use appropriate teaching tools, such as a whiteboard, when needed. The best way to find an online tutor for your child is to conduct a search with a reputable tutoring company. 

Combining several resources to maximize kids' learning 

For many children, the best way to advance in a particular subject is to combine different online resources. An instructional video or interactive video may help introduce some key concepts; a web application may add another layer of understanding; and an online tutor can help tie everything together. An additional benefit of trying different resources is that your child will soon be able to define their learning style. Once you have a better idea of your child's learning style, you can pick and choose resources that will have maximum impact. 

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How much do you need to spend on online resources for your child? 

Relatively speaking, online resources are much cheaper than conventional classroom materials. You will spend less money than you would on textbooks or in-person tutors. Also, it's worth noting that many online resources are completely free. For example, many interactive study guides, educational games, instructional videos and web applications do not require any paid access whatsoever. In some cases, it may be worthwhile to pay for certain online resources if the education or tutoring company has a proven track record. After all, there are some companies that specialize in learning for kids. Of course, you should always do your due diligence and conduct as much research as possible before signing up with a company that charges for their services. In addition to searching for reviews online, you should also ask friends and family whether they have any experience with the company in question. 

The number of kids learning tools on the internet is truly astonishing. There are interactive study guides, step-by-step instructional videos, typing tutors, web applications, problem solvers and games that are simultaneously entertaining and educational. If your child needs a personal touch, you can always hire an online tutor that can supply all the one-on-one attention required. For maximum effect, you can mix and match different online resources, which can also help you identify your child's learning style. Most online resources are free or low-cost, and certainly far less expensive than any traditional classroom materials. Finally, online resources offer flexibility. You don't have to leave your house to take advantage of them, and you aren't restricted to normal business or school hours. Your child may want to play an educational math game in the evenings or watch an instructional video early in the morning, before school. Both of these scenarios are possible with online resources.

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