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It’s very common that students ask for help sometimes along the course of their studies. In fact, research has shown that there is remarkable improvement in students who have a tutor to take them through concepts of the subjects they are learning, as opposed to those who did not get such attention. This is due to the fact that different students have different paces of learning - yet the classroom situation assumes that everyone learns with the same aptitude. Hence, getting the services of a private tutor can go a long way in making the difference in the test results and school performance.

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Who is a Tutor?

A tutor is anyone with extensive expertise in a certain subject, and is willing and able to teach a student of the same subject. Private tutors are those who are available to guide student on one-to-one basis or even as a group. They have valuable training on exam techniques, and could help make a lot of difference for struggling students. Since a tutor gives their focus on one particular student at a time, as opposed to a class of perhaps 30 - 40 children, a lot may be achieved within a short period of time. Online tutors, who can work via Skype or instant messaging services, charge significantly less than their counterparts who have to be at the same place with the student or students.


Who Needs A Private Tutor?

The following students may require private tutoring services:

  • A student who is not performing well in school or has lower than average grades.
  • A student with remarkable ability in the subject of study, who may need to study ahead of their class.
  • A child whose confidence is slipping: and hence could use a boost in one or more subjects.

Where to Get Private Tutoring Services

Due to the rapid development of Internet-based technology, private tutoring services can be widely accessed through a web present. There are a few new startups dedicated to providing search functions to help student find the proper local private tutors for offline tutoring. However, the trend is get private tutoring online with tutors from all over the world without boundary and limitations.


Online Private Tutoring Services: Acadsoc

This is one of the best online services which claim to be accessible for student all over the world. It operates using a different approach: you simply create an account with the site and create time for the coaching process. You also choose the subject that you wish to learn; then apply to get a tutor assigned to you (or the student).


The years of experience and skills of the elite tutors are excellent; and they have certifications to boot. They are great for any student level or age; having procured the necessary certifications in their relevant fields. Further still, they have a professional approach to the work of schooling a child, even as they seek to make the experience memorable and enjoyable.


The pricing of the online service is also very innovative, as it tracks the progress of the learning process and awards points called AC. The points are set in such a way that 10AC equals 1 USD. These vary depending on the subjects and the number of hours per subject. Perhaps the best thing about Acadsoc.com is the 24/7 availability of the teaching personnel.

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Online Private Tutoring Services: Elite Private Tutors

This is a tutoring agency which is devoted to teaching students on subjects like mathematics, chemistry and more, and specializing in the preparation of subjects like SAT, ACT, ERB, ISEE and OLSAT. In addition, they can help the student in the application process, for consideration into private high school or college. They do this through working with the student on interview techniques, college essays and the application for scholarships.


They are recommended for students falling behind in their studies in school; where it is very difficult to catch up with their courses. In addition to connecting with the students in an emotional level, the tutors work in collaboration with the parents to ensure that the child gets the most out of the system. This takes the pressure off the family and keeps the parents updated about the progress - a method that sees to it that performance can be measured, instead of dabbing about in the dark.

Tutors International - Expert Private Tutor All Over the World

These are experienced who have taken the teaching experience up another notch: by availing live-in tutors. Private tutors can come and stay with the family, depending on the lifestyle of the clients. This way, the student can get personalized attention any time of the day. The only concern is that these services may cost an arm and a leg for the clients, if billed on an hourly basis."

Tutors international has a modus operandi that goes as follows:

The representative from the agency meets with the family, including the student or students themselves. This initial meeting is for discussions on the requirements, expectations and preferences of both parties. Secondly, the tutoring agency comes up with a job specification that is based on the outcome of this discussion. This will be used to run an advertisement on the local educational press. Thirdly, the applicants who respond to the ads are interviewed and the best match is picked. This is done after looking through references and painstakingly assessing the candidate. 


Private Tutoring Rates

Before procuring the private tutor services, it is sometimes important to look for the best prices, as this is the single most deterring factor for most parents. One would be very lucky to get a tutor who is experienced, loves their work and can enable the student to pass - while charging reasonably for the services. Great tutors, instead of charging an arm and a leg for the services, ensure that quality comes at an affordable price. To get a quote, simply contact them, letting them know about the needs of the student.


The rates vary from one state to another. Most tutors charge anything from $10 per hour, which goes up according to the expertise of the tutor. However, it is recommended that you ask around for the rates from your neighborhood because they vary wildly. For instance, a tutoring service called "MyGuru" charges a rate of $40 - $60 per hour.


Tutoring centers have significantly lower rates. These are places where students may go and have lessons for as less as $50 per week per student, although this figure may go up to $150. The cheapest rates of all are found from online sites which engage learners in an interactive manner, charging as less as $5 per hour.


Popular Subjects for Private Tutoring

Tutors can help with any of a wide variety of subjects, ranging from English, Spanish, French, Arabic (or other languages), Reading, Chemistry, Math, Physics or Biology. More so, for ESL and the languages, the tutors may be immerse in the subject matter of the lessons, incorporating aspects such as culture.


The greatest thing about private tutoring is that it can be done the same way from kindergarten to high-school and even college level. It is fascinating to know that someone can take you through an economics assignment, in a manner that will make you understand every little detail required by examiners.

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