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You may ask, why is reading speed ever important? It is indeed one important indicator of a person’s language competence. Whether you are learning a new language or using only your mother tongue, reading speed determines your fluency in that language. The significance of fluency lies in the fact that it shows how quickly you read in relationship to comprehension levels. The abilities in recognizing words and processing their meanings are spontaneously and automatically demonstrated as well.

No doubt, reading speed is also important for your school studies. If one could quickly read hundreds of pages in an hour, how much revision time can be saved? Also in examinations, how fast you read the paper and given passages and understand the questions affect how much time you have left for the actual test. We all had that teacher who told us not to read out the passage if we want to read quickly. But hold on, are you reading this article out now? Many people are used to this practice which is simply arduous to get rid of. Technology today, tells you there may be other ways to boost your reading speed.

Spritz comes up with a technology that relies on the Optimal Recognition Point (ORP). Before we go into the details, let’s try it first on the company’s blog by clicking the “Click to Spritz” button. 

Spritz identifies ORP as a point at which once your eyes reach, can trigger the information processing in brain. As the words are aligned based on the ORP, you do not have to spare your time in moving your eyes and looking for the ORP.

Average reading speed is 200 to 250 words per minute and the average comprehension rate is between 50% and 70%. You probably realized that you could read faster than that with Spritz, but do you understand what you have just read? Do you enjoy reading this way? And most importantly, is this applicable to whatever you read? The answer depends. This app from Spritz essentially helps you read faster on your electronic gadgets especially in certain text types such as emails and news articles. However, as to how much it helps in traditional reading, it is uncertain.

Leave Spritz for your digital reading, and here are four easy-to-follow tips for speed reading:

1.       Hand: Move your dominant hand slowly straight down on the page as your eyes follow.

2.       Ruler: Use a ruler or a card to block the text that you have already read. You can also force yourself by moving the ruler down faster.

3.       Hop: Let your finger hop on each line for two to three bounces catching sections of three to four words.

4.       Stop highlighting: Underlining or highlighting disturbs your reading; stay focused.

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