New Function "My Needs" Benefiting Both Students and Tutors!


To better serve our tutors on Acadsoc, we have launched a new function that allows students to post their academic needs and thus enabling tutors to find the students they can teach.


For students, if you cannot find a suitable course or tutor, you are now able to post your needs for academic help on our website. Everything posted by students are listed on the "Find Students" page for tutors to view and choose. By posting your needs, you are very likely to be found by a tutor that can offer you exactly the help you want.

Student's Entrance to post a need and view responses: Go to Learning > My Needs.


For teachers, instead of passively waiting for students to find your course in thousands of course adverts, now you can go to look for prospective students on Acadsoc!

Tutor's Entrance to find students and respond to their needs: Click on "Find Students" on the middle top of any page.

Still confused about the new function? Read our FAQs for more instructions:

FAQ for Student

FAQ for Tutor

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